Sm trainees dating

sm trainees dating

Is it hard to stay as an SM trainee?

The agency has produced many great female idols, such as S.E.S, Girls’ Generation, BoA, Red Velvet, and more. Known for its high debut standard and strict management, many trainees found it hard to stay and continue as SM trainees.

Who are the Kpop former trainees at SM Entertainment?

One of the female idols dubbed as KPop Diva, Lee Hyori used to be one of SM trainees. She was planned to have a debut with other female idols in the S.E.S Kpop girl group. She was leaving as an SM trainee and joined Fin.K.L t. 2. IOI / Cosmic Girls’ Yoo Yeon Jung Yoo Yeon Jung is a Kpop former trainee at SM Entertainment at a young age.

How many trainees are there in SM?

How many trainees are there in SM? There are about 60+ trainees in SM. 24. Do trainees still go school? Yes, they do. 25. Should we wear make-up or not when we audition?

Why do SM trainees leave the agency?

Known for its high debut standard and strict management, many trainees found it hard to stay and continue as SM trainees. Including Kpop former trainees who have an excellent visual but also a great talent. Their decision to leave the agency either as eliminated trainees or they decided to leave on their own.

How hard is it to become a trainee at SM?

At the moment, the doors to that dream is even more wide open after big agencies like SM, Big Hit or CUBE started looking for trainees from many different countries. Passing an audition is hard, but what you have to face as a trainee is a thousand times harder. Prepare yourself with a mind of steel to be able to pass all these obstacles.

Is SM really that strict with training schedules?

Unlike what is usually said about SM being super strict with training schedules, that’s not really the case. I usually spent 6 days of the week at the building and saw trainees that only came several times a week.

Do SM Entertainment trainees get paid?

SM Entertainment is known for slave contracts and harsh training, but 1) its been years, these contracts may be shortened For your first question, Id like to clarify that trainees do not get paid. However, sometimes (depending on the contract) trainees will receive a weekly allowance, even by the big three companies: SM, YG, and JYP.

How hard is it to debut in SM?

In SM to debut you just have to work super hard and have a lot of dedication. Also there is a lot of competition very similar to produce 101. That is the hard part of SM trainee life the produce 101 elimination system, unless you’re debuting for NCT. Every week trainees are eliminated until they finally have the debut team.

What does SM teach you when you’re a trainee? Singing, dancing, acting, modeling and languages (Korean, English, Japanese&Chinese.). 6. Does SM look for looks more then talent? SM will look for looks but if you don’t have talent then they wont want you. 7. Ages that are good to audition? 10-20 years old but 21-22 years old’s might be accepted too.

Who is SM Entertainment’s longest-running trainee?

What happens to permanent trainees who dont make it to SM?

Those who do become permanent trainees who are more than likely to debut while others who don’t make it have to payback fees by working for the company or somewhere else, etc. Not only that, SM is strictly face.

Did Lami and Koeun leave SM Entertainment?

Fans have been compiling evidence that popular SM Entertainment trainees Lami and Koeun both decided to leave the company, and their latest discovery may be the last piece of proof that they needed.

Is trainee debt a thing at other agencies?

However trainee debt is still a real, very serious thing at every other agency, and you should always read carefully - ideally bringing in a lawyer - before signing any contracts! Trainees that don’t debut can go in many different directions. Some who really love singing and dancing will move to a lower-tier agency and debut there.

What happened to BTS trainees BTS and Jang Taehyung at SM?

Many fans are devastated and surprised at the news given both trainees long training period at SM and the growing anticipation that they would be part of the agencys next girl group. Netizens suspected that the two had left SM after they both made personal Instagram accounts.

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