Trainer hook up

trainer hook up

How do I Pair my devices to trainerroad?

Here are the steps to make sure you can pair your devices to TrainerRoad: Pedal for a few moments to wake up your devices. Make sure that either Bluetooth or ANT+ is On Once your device is visible and ready to pair, it will appear in the device list. Click on the device and wait until it is highlighted green.

What is the default setting for a Smart Trainer?

The default setting for a smart trainer is ERG mode (electronic resistance control) where TrainerRoad controls the resistance of your trainer to make sure youre hitting the power targets. Focus on maintaining as consistent of a cadence as possible to ensure you have the best experience.

How do I Pair my speed sensor with a non-Smart Trainer?

With non-smart trainers and a speed sensor, youll need to use a feature known as VirtualPower. VirtualPower is a power calculation that’s based on your speed readings and the unique make and model of the trainer you’re using. To pair your speed sensor, confirm the device has batteries installed and that its properly placed on your bike.

How do I connect trainerroad to my computer?

For Mac, you can pair directly using the computers built in Bluetooth. Learn more about Bluetooth connectivity. ANT+: You will need a ANT+ USB 2 stick in order to use TrainerRoads automatic resistance control feature.

How do I get Started with trainerroad?

Whether youre riding indoors or out, its easy to get started with TrainerRoad. These recommended setups will have you ready in no time. Already training? Check your devices for compatibility with the equipment checker. Turn your speed sensors data into power readings with VirtualPower™.

Which sensors are compatible with trainerroad?

HR monitors, Cadence sensors, and Power meters all have their own versions of a Bluetooth and ANT standard protocol. If you see that a trainer or other device is marked as Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ FE-C, it should be compatible with TrainerRoad.

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