How do you hook up a rain barrel

how do you hook up a rain barrel

How do you install a rain barrel?

1 Locate the Area. Determine which gutter downspout youll use with the barrel. 2 Assemble the Rain Barrel 3 Prepare the Area 4 Position the Barrel 5 Configure the Downspout 6 Position the Barrel 7 Direct the Overflow. The water you collect in a rain barrel is untreated. ...

How does a rain barrel work?

A rain barrel is a container that collects runoff from your homes gutter system, connecting to the downspout with a rain diverter or fitting under a modified downspout. A spigot or hose connector lets you drain the water for use around your landscape.

Can you connect a rain barrel to a downspout?

Connecting a rain barrel to a downspout is a very simple and efficient way to conserve water for gardening and watering, especially in drought conditions. Unless youve decided to turn to xeriscaping, collecting rainwater seems like a no-brainer.

How do you prepare a barrel for planting?

Prepare the area where the barrel will sit. If youre placing it on the ground rather than a patio or concrete pad, dig the area out to a depth of 1 or 2 inches and use gravel, sand or pavers to create a stable, level surface. Set up a sturdy stand or platform if you plan to elevate your barrel.

How do you use a rainwater barrel?

Plan to install the rainwater barrel at a downspout where you need the water. A rain barrel supplies low-pressure water, and the flow rate decreases as the barrel empties. You can improve the flow rate by elevating the barrel. Some barrels come with a pump to increase water pressure.

Do you need a permit to install a rainwater barrel?

Check for restrictions on rain barrels and rainwater collection in your area. You may need a permit for rainwater harvesting in some locations, or the use of rain barrels may be prohibited or governed by state, local or neighborhood regulations. Plan to install the rainwater barrel at a downspout where you need the water.

How do I know how big my rain barrel should be?

As the first step, go to a website like google maps and search your house or flat. Than measure the area of your roof where you can take the water from. Pay attention to the scale! Than take a look at the average rainfall per year in your town. Now think about how big your barrel should be.

How to install a downspout diverter for a rain barrel?

As per the instructions of the diverter, it needs to be placed 24 inches above the rain barrel. Use the measuring tape and a pen to mark the section of the downspout that will need to be cut. Use a piece of cardboard and slide it between the house and the back of the downspout. This will protect the siding of the house.

How do you grow plants in a barrel?

Fill the barrel with the growing mix, leaving the top 2” free. Add ½ cup of Osmocote and with your trowel, mix it thoroughly into the soil. Before planting, make an arrangement by placing your plants in the most suitable spot in the container.

How to prepare a half wine barrel for planting?

5 Steps: Prep a Half Wine Barrel for Planting 1 DRAINAGE Turn upside down and drill 6 or 7 one-inch holes into the bottom. ... 2 PLACE IN POSITION To avoid the bases rotting, lift the barrel up off the ground using bricks or wood blocks. ... 3 LAY MESH One of the Half Wine Barrels outside our office acting as an instant planter. ... More items...

How do you use an oak barrel as a planter?

The classic way to use a oak whisky barrel is when they are cut in half filled with soil and flowers a-plenty. This simple and elegant planter solution adds a rustic charm to any space. Stretton Oak Tubs offers planters in various sizes, starting from 40cm up to 90cm diameter.

How much soil do I need to fill a barrel?

If you decide to use a liner, remember to cut holes in the bottom and align them with the barrel’s drainage holes. 5. POUR IN SOIL You’ll need a 100L or approximately four bags of high quality Garden Mix to fill one barrel.

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