Dating olympia typewriter

dating olympia typewriter

Are Olympia typewriters any good?

The Olympia typewriters are solid, well-constructed machines perfect for the typewriter enthusiast who not only wants to own an aesthetically pleasing object, but who could put it through the rigors of use. These machines feature spring loaded keys, key set tabulators, correcting space bars and right hand margins.

What is the history of the typewriter?

Olympia typewriter has in interesting company history. The roots go as far back as 1883 when the “Allgemeine Elektricitäts Gesellschaft” was founded (see Mignon). 1903 Union Schreibmaschinen-Gesellschaft (Mignon typewriter)

When did the AEG Olympia typewriter come out?

1923 AEG Deutsche Werke A.G. (AEG typewriter) 1930 Europa Schreibmaschinen AG (Olympia typewriter) 1936 Olympia Büromaschinenwrke A.G. 1950 Olympia Werke West GmbH, Wilhelmshaven 1954 Olympia Werke Aktiengesellschaft, Wilhelmshaven The predecessor of Olympia typewriter, the AEG, was introduced in 1923. In 1930 the typewriter was renamed Olympia.

What kind of typewriter is the Olympia SM 7?

Olympia SM 3 and SM 7 manual portable typewriters were regarded by some as the Mercedes Benz of typewriters showcasing German engineering. Olympia typewriters began in 1903 and were at one point regarded as the Mercedes Benz of typewriters showcasing the effects of solid German engineering.

When did Olympia stop making typewriters?

In the 1970’s Olympia continued to innovate with electric typewriters such as the SGE 50M Excellence, before eventually branching out into calculators and computers as the demand for typewriters fell throughout the 1980’s. Sadly as the years went on the Olympia brand began to fade and the company folded in 1992.

Is the Olympia SM3 the best typewriter ever?

It goes without saying, Olympia SM3 is one of the most successful typewriters ever built. Olympia typewriters, German make & design, has always identified in my Workshop as the typewriter that will type for years to come without any issues as they are engineered to outperform any other typewriter from and make, class or model.

What is the best typewriter of all time?

Exceptional Olivetti Lettera 32 Another one of the most famous typewriters of the modern age, and the last in this guide, the Lettera 32 is revolutionary for the 1960’s era in which is produced.

How to choose a typewriter for travel?

The manual typewriter have a heavy-duty case but is compact enough, which makes this model a good choice for traveling. The second one can be paired with several wireless devices at once while the third one has a nice retro design. The fourth item is an electronic typewriter that provides automated centering, underlining, and carriage return. 1.

Is the Olympia SM9 a good typewriter?

The Olympia SM9 is a writer’s typewriter. It just plain works. Its utilitarian lines and solid mechanicals produce consistent type that fills you with confidence the more you use it. Its got the appearance of a plain vanilla office machine, but in the nifty size of a portable.

What is an SM typewriter?

Some SM models even feature line space scaling for chemical and mathematical formulations as well as special characters for every profession or science. The SM and SF series was built to directly compete with the Hermes Baby and the Hermes 3000. Olympia along with Hermes were the two most expensive typewriters on the market at the time.

What is the difference between Olympia SM4 and SM7?

All Monicas have an eggshell or textured glossy finish in an off-white color. Model SM-7 begins: much the same as the SM4 inside, having a keyset tabulator, but with a modernized angular body. It was produced in 3 colors; white, pink, and blue. Some have a Made in Western Germany badge below the Olympia logo but most dont.

What is the best manual typewriter to buy?

1. Olympia SM 9 The pinnacle of manual typewriter technology. Solid. Dependable. You can’t go wrong with one of these. Olympia finally went with the basket shift. Light and easy.

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