Miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette and luka dating

miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette and luka dating

Did Marinette and Luka ever date?

Marinette and Luka were both falling for one another but had never been on an official date. That is why Marinette jumped for the opportunity to go to a Jagged Stone concert with Luka, Nino, and Alya. A double date.

What did Ladybug say to Marinette?

Ladybug, wait! I yelled. Its not what you think! Its okay Chat... Im just happy that youre happy now with Queen Bee. Ladybug said... After seeing Adrien asking Kagami to the Winter Ball, Marinette felt sad about him not asking her.

How does Marinette feel after Lila turns her classmates against her?

After Lila turns all of her classmates against her, Marinette finds herself comforted by none other than Luka, with his words and music. His anger on Marinettes behalf... Im happy, I finally moved on from Adrien! Alya squinted her eyes and let her auburn tails sway, her ears flattened against her skull. Accepting that I told...

What did Adrien feel when he saw Luka and Marinette?

When Adrien saw luka and mari he had a new feeling in the pit of his stomach he didnt recognize. He wanted to get luka away from her, he didnt deserve chat noirs sweet princess. Jealousy. Adrien, still denying his feelings, thought this protective feeling was because Marinette was his friend and he only wanted the best for her.

How does Adrien feel about Marinette?

Anyways, coming back to the point, Adrien sees Marinette as this extremely nice and likeable girl with a lot of friends and an amazing family. To him, she had everything he wanted/hoped for, she had everything he lacked so in his eyes, she was perfect.

How did Luka help Marinette get out of the Van?

When the concert ended, and Mrs. Anarka drove them back to the Dupain-Cheng Bakery, Luka opened the door for Marinette and helped her out of the van. He smiled as she looped her arm around his when he offered it and led her to the door.

Why did Adrien grab Marinettes waist without hesitation?

My point is, as cat noir, Adrien grabbed Marinettes waist without hesitation because he is cat noir. If he was himself and not disguised as a super hero then he would be shy to hold Marinettes waist. He treated Marinette differently then the others he had to rescue.

Does Adrien have a crush on Ladybug or Marinette?

Okay, so! Very consciously, Adrien loves Ladybug and considers Marinette as ‘just a friend’ denying the fact that he has feelings for her. However, despite his denial, he’s touchy towards her, glances at her dreamily, compliments her too much, doesn’t mind the proximity between them and basically shows all the signs of having a crush on her.

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