Dating pelham puppets

dating pelham puppets

Are Pelham Puppets collectible?

Pelham Puppets are collectible, and those in good condition can change hands for significant amounts of money. There are a number of websites devoted to collecting these puppets. There are many ranges of Pelham puppets. The main ones are:

What was the turning point in the history of Pelham Puppets?

It was an event that proved to be a turning point in the history of Pelham Puppets. During the first year or two Bob had difficulty making puppet heads. He explained, “At first, we turned them on a lathe, but they all came out in different shapes from ovals to squarish rounds.

When did the Queen visit the Pelham puppets stand?

On May 10th 1955 the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the Pelham Puppets Stand at the British Industries fair. Bob recalled, “ I was introduced to the Queen and Prince Philip and she asked me a number of questions about the puppets and when I began making them.

Who is Bob Pelham?

For over thirty-three years Bob Pelham, by his quiet, self-effacing manner and generosity, gained the respect and loyalty of those who worked for him. Shortly after launching his puppet making venture Bob Pelham was quoted as saying: ‘the time will come when Pelham Puppets will be a name that everyone knows!’

What was Bob Pelhams favourite puppet?

Bob Pelhams favourite puppet MacBoozle was an SM puppet. SM puppets were a mixture of stock and licensed characters and in Cabinet 56 you can see an SM Pirate and Witch, amongst others.

Where did Jan meet Bob Pelham?

Jan moved to Marlborough at the age of six and attended Marlborough College. It was here that he met Bob Pelham and since he lived only a short waking distance from Victoria House (in St Martin’s Road,) he was a frequent visitor to the Pelham manufacturing base when he was not on tour with the Hogarth Puppets.

Who were Bob Pelham’s parents Tom and Ruth Pelham?

From left to right: Bob’s brother, Tom, age 11; his mother, Ruth; his sister, Patricia, aged 9; his father, Walter and young Bob Pelham aged 7. (I extend my sincere thanks to Bob Pelham’s nephew, David, for giving me permission to include and publish this photograph.)

Why was Bob Pelham called the Wonky Donkey officer?

Bob Pelham was called up to serve in the Armed Forces in 1939 at the outbreak of the Second World War. Throughout his time serving on active duty he became affectionately known as The Wonky Donkey Officer due to his penchant of making small, wooden, animated donkey toys.

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