Hook up iinet

hook up iinet

Does iiNet have NBN™ plans?

iiNet has a range of NBN speeds and plans available, whether you just use the internet for browsing and emails or you have a large family with multiple users, gamers or heavy streamers. Is NBN™ available in my area? Not sure if NBN is available in your area?

Why choose iiNet?

As usual IINET has the very best customer service, cannot fault them. Will be staying with IINET for a long time. I feel that the service that iinet provide is far beyond expectations.!

Is there 24/7 support available for iiNet?

Our Support (13 22 58) team are available 24/7 if you hit any obstacles. – Brianna Stevesays: July 7, 2018 at 10:06 am I am having similar problems to Paul Foot above. I changed from ADSL with iinet to NBN with iinet in March. Could watch youtube on my fetch box and phone via wi-fi and all was fine until about a month ago.

How do I connect my iiNet modem to my NBN™ connection box?

You can connect your iiNet modem to your NBN™ Connection Box to set up your home WiFi network. In most cases an NBN™ installer won’t be required – the installation work will be performed outside your premises. Sometimes attendance will be required to check connectivity to your premises or if a new copper line or wall socket is required.

Why choose iiNet for NBN?

iiNet offers 24/7 award winning customer support. Loading... Loading... The nation-wide rollout of NBN has almost finished. Enter your address above to see if your address already can connect to the NBN. Use the resources below to find out what NBN technology and NBN Plans are available to you now, and in the future.

How much does iiNet broadband cost?

iiNet has a large range of over 10 broadband plans, including ADSL2+, naked DSL and NBN plans all starting at $59.99 a month. Unlike some other internet providers which charge you at higher rates if you exceed your limit, iiNet throttles your data and speeds so you don’t overspend.

What is the NBN™?

Boasting lightning-fast download speeds, the National Broadband Network (NBN™) is replacing existing broadband infrastructure with a faster and more reliable broadband service. Check out our new plans with unlimited data on the NBN™. View NBN plans Wireless NBN Plans Satellite NBN Plans Our fastest NBN™ plans Why iiNet NBN? NBN Coverage

What happened to iiNet NBN?

iiNet NBN has undergone one of the biggest improvements since the ACCC began tracking broadband speeds in Australia but its customer service has taken a dive over the years. For years, iiNet was known as the Australian ISP with kooky ads, competitive month-to-month plans and outstanding customer service.

Can I connect my iiNet cable gateway to my NBN™ connection box?

You can connect your iiNet Cable Gateway to your NBN™ Connection Box to set up your home WiFi network. nbn co will supply the equipment required on installation so you just need to get an NBN™ compatible router through your Internet Service Provider and then you’ll be ready to connect.

How do I connect my devices to the NBN?

If the Internet light is green, you can start connecting your devices and getting online. To plug in additional devices via Ethernet cable, simply connect the Ethernet cables to any of the four yellow LAN ports on your modem. If you wish to use your iiNet NBN Phone service, plug a compatible handset into the grey Phone1 port on your modem.

How many devices can I connect to my NBN™ satellite connection box?

Your NBN™ Satellite Connection Box will be connected to this wall socket. You can connect one computer to your Connection Box via Ethernet cable, or you may wish to connect a WiFi router in order to connect multiple devices via Ethernet and WiFi.

Can I add a high-speed NBN modem with 4G backup?

Signing up for any iiNet NBN plan gives you the option of adding a high-speed NBN modem with 4G backup. This should be a TP-Link VX420-G2H but it may also be the TP-Link VX420-G2V, both of which are modem-routers, which means they’ll work with any iiNet plan and on any NBN technology.

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