Chances of dating a kpop idol

chances of dating a kpop idol

Do you think all K-pop idols consider it their right to date?

I think that all the k-pop idols consider it their right to date. Although, dating is not allowed to k-pop idols because of their popularity. But still, dispatch reveals a number of k-pop idols dating. Both these members are dating for a long time and have been confirmed by their respective companies KONNECT and JPY entertainment.

How do international fans view dating and relationships in K-pop?

Its unfortunate that dating and relationships within the K-Pop scene is often something that can completely spiral out of control and put an idols career in jeopardy. Generally, international fans tend to be more understanding and supportive than most South Korean fans when it comes to idols dating.

Did Kim Kardashian date K-pop idols?

No specific names were mentioned, but her recollection of dating a K-Pop idol may destroy your fantasy. For starters, she revealed that she met up with him only twice a month. Because he was always practicing and preparing for tours, they just simply couldn’t find the time to spend time together.

What would happen if you married a kpop idol?

Kpop idols are known to not get married and when they do they can get kicked out of their group. Not because the people in the group want that but because the fans get upset. So if you married a kpop idol you would ruin their reputation.

Are K-pop idols allowed to date?

Pshhh they’re barely allowed to date in general. Most companies enforce a dating ban on the idols so they’re not allowed to date. If the idols date, it’s usually with people within the industry.

Is dating a red flag for kpop Idols?

While dating is like a red flag for idols, Korean citizens enumerated the things that K-pop idols should never do like ordinary citizens. Surprisingly, dating is not part of the list, but drugs, smoking, and gambling were mentioned.

Do Kpop idols comply with standards in South Korea?

K-pop idols comply with certain standards in South Korea, which, at times, are overstepping to their personal lives. It is widely known that most of the time, Korean celebrities are not open to date freely. Many think that due to the countrys standard in terms of dating, they usually resort to keeping the relationship hidden from the public glare.

Why dont K-pop stars date in the open?

One said that because they are public figures. The other reasoned out that if these K-pop stars dated in the open, some fans will turn their backs on them. Thus, the idols status decreases its marketable value.

What happens when a Kpop group disbands or gets married?

When a group disbands, that means the Idol is no longer under contract with the company, thus no longer being an idol. They no longer have specific rules set by the company they have to abide by, they can do whatever they want. When a Kpop group disbands vs when they get married has NOTHING to do with each other.

Do K-pop idols ever get married?

I feel like it’s rare that idols do get married in the kpop industry. It is possible but rare, here’s why: Military, every male in Korea is required to go to the military before the age of 30. Assuming they have quite a successful debut, their peak times would be around when they are 20–30 depending on when the group debuts.

Can an idol fall in love with a fan?

An idol falling in love with a fan would result in a messy situation and there are already fans who are in love with their idols. There was a case of something like this with former Day6 member Junhyeok. (Answering your first question). His contract with JYPE was terminated in 2016 and apparently it was because of him dating a fan.

How old are the members of BTS when they get married?

Former Crayon Pop’s Soyul married H.O.T’s Heejun at 25 and he was 38. After School’s Kahi married at 36. Big Bang’s Taeyang married at 30.

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