Kurt and sebastian dating fanfiction

kurt and sebastian dating fanfiction

How did Kurt react to Sebastians Kiss?

His words were cut off as Sebastians lips pressed firmly against his own, swallowing him in. Kurt resisted at first, but slowly and unsurely found he was falling into the kiss. Sebastian pulled away all too quickly, his signature smirk back on his satisfied face. That was surprisingly not bad, Porcelain. Kurt found himself shaking in his boots.

How does Kurt feel about his former school?

As he walked through the corridors of his former school, Kurt felt slightly nostalgic and out of place. Few students were around on a Saturday afternoon, but the few that walked the halls were dressed in their full uniform. Kurt headed for the practice room. He pulled on the door, but found it locked.

What did Kurt do when Blaine was late?

Kurt slipped into the booth. He drummed his fingers on the tabletop anxiously. Blaine was late. Again. He had waited outside for 15 minutes, in the cold, before finally entering the restaurant.

What did Kurt think about Sebastian the past week?

He had not thought about Sebastian in the past week at all. Kurt had filled him in on the last day of Michael week, and the Warblers joining in with the New Directions in song. He was proud that Kurt had taken the high road, knowing that Kurt wanted to get even with Sebastian.

What did Kurt say to Blaine before he went to class?

Soon the morning bell rang and the kids started off towards their classes. Kurt turned to Blaine and sighed. Well Ill see you at lunch. Hope you liked your surprise! Blaine smiled and squeezed his hand, I did very much, He kissed Kurt on the temple, Thank You. Kurt blushed and walked off to his first period.

What did Blaine say to Sebastian when he reached his bag?

Blaine frowned. I really should go... He reached for his bag and Sebastians hand fell on his. Look Blaine. I get it... Sebastian stared at him. Youre scared. Blaine was confused. What? What would I be afraid of. Sebastian took a cautious step forward, Youre afraid that you might actually feel something for me.

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