Concert dating

concert dating

How to date a musician?

Steps Think about why you want to date a musician. Think about the sort of musician you want to date, and what instrument youd prefer they play. Develop a working knowledge of the history of pop, classic, rock, or soul music, especially that surrounding your chosen musicians genre. Dress for success.

How can I get my boyfriend to become a good musician?

It takes a lot of hard work to become a good musician. Your boyfriend will admire and appreciate your respect for this fact. Understand his needs, not just as a human being, but also as a musician. Thanks! Thanks for submitting a tip for review!

How do you talk to a guy at a concert?

Concerts are great for talking to guys if you want to. Basically, youre packed in as tight as college kids at a campus bar—so you can really just turn at any angle and casually start a conversation, in the way that you might say something like, Did I just step on your toes?

How should I dress for a date in a band?

Do not dress in an overtly sexual manner, this will only get you one night stands, usually with the least attractive guy in the band, quartet, orchestra or whatever. This does not mean dress like a nun, it means dressing like you would on a date.

What is it like being a musician dating?

As a musician, dating is not as glorious as the stereotype makes it seem. To every non-musician reading this, you’re just an outsider looking in. Your entire life, you’ve been fed lies.

How to date an aging musician?

Aging musicians can grow up gracefully, but many dont. If you want to eventually have a real relationship or family, you have to date a musician with a grip on reality, not someone who uses music to cling to youth. Thanks! Developed musicians might also have an acute sense of communication.

How do musicians find girls to date?

Musicians are creative types so they usually date girls of similar temperament. Learn about your local underground or otherwise music scene and start going to shows. Pick some potential targets, and find out who has a girlfriend.

Do musicians/artists get attracted to women?

Here are some of the most common false truths about musicians when it comes to dating, especially for up-and-coming musicians: • Musicians/Artists get TONS of gorgeous women falling for them. • Musicians/Artists regularly get groupies after all their shows. • Musicians/Artists can get any mate they choose.

What to wear to a concert on a date?

Going to a concert on a date is perfect for sporting your bold and edgy outfits. Your attire may consist of leather, lace, and comfortable shoes like booties or trendy sneakers with studs. When dressing for style and functionality, black is a great versatile option, especially if you’re in a crowd of people prone to spills.

How do you dress to get into a band?

Develop a style that both fits in with, and stands out from other girls in your desired scene. Do not dress in an overtly sexual manner, this will only get you one night stands, usually with the least attractive guy in the band, quartet, orchestra or whatever.

What should I wear on a first date?

Reach for your crisp jeans (no holes or distressing, and hopefully in neat indigo or black) or chinos on a first date. Chinos are a safe bet, as they dress up or down depending on what they’re paired with. I personally like jeans, but for a first date, wear your nicest pair.

How to pick clothes for a date?

The main rule when picking clothes for a date is to choose the outfit you’ll feel comfortable in both physically and psychologically. If normally you don’t wear suits, odds are you’ll feel like an alien when you wear it for a date. Although you should dress up when going out on a date, you shouldn’t feel “dressed up”.

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