Dating sites for hepatitis c

dating sites for hepatitis c

Can you date someone with hepatitis C?

Dating with Hepatitis C: From Diagnosis to Recovery. For the majority of people with the condition, hepatitis C is curable. In other words, you’ll likely be able to avoid severe damage if you undergo treatment. When untreated, HCV can ultimately cause severe health issues, including cirrhosis and death.

How can I support my partner through a hepatitis C diagnosis?

Supporting your partner through a hepatitis C diagnosis and treatment can help the two of you handle the unknowns and worries that accompany this new chapter. Being informed about how the disease is and isn’t transmitted can help the two of you live a healthy, happy life together.

Can you get Hepatitis C sexually?

Hepatitis C is spread through blood-to-blood contact. Though certain sexual behaviors may increase the risk of hepatitis C, the virus is not typically sexually transmitted. So if you or your partner has been diagnosed with hepatitis C, you don’t have to swear off sex.

Is there a free dating site for people with HIV?

HIV People Meet is a free dating site that allows you to find other singles living with HIV. By joining the site, you have access to a live dating advisor and other support services.

Should I date someone with hepatitis C (HCV)?

A person dating someone with HCV may need to take certain precautions to prevent contracting the virus. Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver that happens after infection with HCV. A person who has HCV may not know they have it, as it can cause mild symptoms or none at all.

Can I get Hepatitis C from someone who has it?

If your skin is directly exposed to the blood of someone who has hepatitis C, you may contract the virus. This situation is rare, but it’s still important to take precautions at home:

Should I get tested for hepatitis C?

If you aren’t sure whether you have hepatitis C, get tested. Testing is especially important if you have sex with more than one person or if you have other risk factors for hepatitis C, including being born being 1945 and 1965, having had a blood transfusion prior to 1992, and injecting drugs (even if you’ve only done it once).

How do you get Hepatitis C through blood?

Blood transmission. The most common way to contract hepatitis C is through exposure to blood that contains the hepatitis C virus (HCV). This might happen if you: use a needle or syringe that someone with hepatitis C has already used. are stuck by a needle that has come into contact with blood that contains HCV.

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