Dating pfaff 130

dating pfaff 130

How to tell how old my Pfaff sewing machine is?

Most sewing machine companies started in this fashion. Knowing when your Pfaff sewing machine was made can be a difficult task. You need to know your serial number before you can find the age of your sewing machine. The only problem is not all companies kept a detailed and official list of their serial numbers or when they were issued

What are the serial numbers of the Pfaffs?

PFAFF SERIAL NUMBERS AND MANUFACTURE DATES Information courtesy of Les Godfrey Year Serial Numbers Annual Factory Production Notes 1862 1 1 1863 2 - 6 5 1864 7 - 46 40 1865 47 - 116 70 1866 117 - 196 80 1867 197 - 306 110 1868 307 - 556 250 1869 557 - 906 400 1870 907 - 1396 490 1871 1397 - 1906 510 1872 1907 - 2906 1000

Where are Pfaff sewing machines made?

Where are Pfaff Sewing Machines Made Today? Most likely the upper-end Pfaff sewing machines are made in Germany. That seems to be the case once the SGSB, Shanggong (Europe) Holding Corp took over ownership by buying 100% of the Pfaff shares.

What is the history of Pfaff?

Somewhere between 1862 and 2006 the Swedish firm VSM Group purchased Pfaff and put it under its corporate wing. This corporation already owned Husqvarna Viking which is another company that has a very interesting history.

How do I find out when my Pfaff sewing machine was made?

For years following 1978, you may have to contact Pfaff directly and ask them when your sewing machine was made. Make sure you have your serial number handy as that is the best way to find out when your machine was manufactured.

How can I tell how old my sewing machine is?

It’s near the on/off switch on newer machines, and on the front panel or on a small plate on older machines. Once you’ve found the number, match it to the date in our chart to discover the age of your machine. Why do Singer Sewing Machines have Serial Numbers?

Is there a list of Pfaff serial numbers?

There is a fairly good record of serial numbers posted to the internet that records most of the serial numbers used by Pfaff. Unfortunately, the list only goes up to 1975. There is a second list that covers the same ground but only goes to 1978.

What kind of sewing machines did Georg Michael Pfaff make?

Thanks to Georg Michael Pfaff’s second son, the Pfaff company was able to produce a variety of sewing machine models that help the home seamstress get her sewing work completed. In the beginning, though, Georg Michael Pfaff made industrial sewing machines. Production was limited in the early years as those machines were built by hand.

Who is Pfaff?

Georg Michael Pfaff opened a sewing machine shop in London in 1885 and from there the PFAFF factory continued to modernise and extend itself producing one of the world’s most aspirational brands of sewing machine.

When did Pfaff start making sewing machines?

In 1872, ten years after the company was founded, a thousand sewing machines had been manufactured. In 1902 Pfaff opened a new factory in Kaiserslautern, Germany and the production rate increased significantly, in 1910 Pfaff proudly produced their first million sewing machines.

How many people worked in the Pfaff factory?

The Pfaff factory was continually extended and modernised and, by 1890, 400 workers were employed on a regular basis. From 1898, Pfaff was producing household, artisan and light industrial machines driven by electric motors.

Who took over the Pfaff company?

His daughter, Lina Pfaff, took over the company in 1917 when her brother Georg died and ran it successfully on a global scale until 1926. Her nephew, Karl Pfaff, took over the company when she retired at the age of seventy-two.

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