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He served in the army during and then went back to acting. Steve Lukather had also announced that there is a film about Toto in the works, and hinted that he would be writing a new book, titled The New Testament According to Luke. Also, during this time, Steve Porcaro co-wrote and co-composed "," which recorded for his best-selling album 1982 , turning the song into a smash hit. 2014: David Hungate's return and North American tour with Michael McDonald [ ] While Keith Carlock was now part of the band, he did not join them for at least the North American tour and his role was filled by Shannon Forrest. 1948 as Nicolino Capece• Antonio Cavalli• 2006• On April 6, 2015, Toto announced that they would embark on August 7, 2015 in with veteran progressive band on a joint summer tour of North America due to end on September 12, 2015 in ,. "" by , , , , , 1983• provided backup vocals on the song "I'll Be Over You" and appeared in the accompanying music video , while founder and songwriting giant appeared on the Steve Porcaro penned track "Lea". Castro had appeared with the group on their first album as a session musician, and continued to play on every one of their albums for the next 40 years in varying capacities, with the exception of. 1956 as Antonio Caponi• His father did not legally recognize him until 1937. In 1982, the rock band brought in to produce their album. Toto toured throughout 1982 in support of Toto IV. 1984• On January 21, 2013, Steve Lukather released his latest solo album, , featuring former Toto touring bassist , as well as and. 98 translate 0,1px ;-ms-transform:scale 0. 1993 — 1993 Summer Tour• "" by 2003• 1991 — 1991 Summer Tour• David Paich briefly took a break from touring in 2000, so filled in on keyboards. Instead, original bass player David Hungate rejoined the band. Paich only occasionally appeared, with Phillinganes playing at most of the shows. Former lead singer made a guest appearance at the Minneapolis date on May 5, 2007 and also made a few guest appearances with the band in June 2007. 1961 as Antonio Capurro• Toto then embarked upon the "Planet Earth" tour that lasted from September until December 1990. it was so much fun and so successful we thought "Hmm, maybe a few gigs once in awhile would be fun" and we can make some money etc. 1979—1981: Hydra and Turn Back [ ] At the close of the first tour, the band began work on their next album, titled , which was released later that year and featured the single "", inspired by ' cult film. Julie Tamaki September 4, 1992. The tour officially concluded in 2000, but the band played a few shows throughout 2001. The members had done smaller scale work before this album working with the likes of , , and , among others. 1960 as Umberto 'Infortunio' Pennazzuto• , the band's original lead singer, rejoined in 1998 and the group released in March 1999, supporting it with a tour that was dubbed as a reunion; the tour was captured on the 1999 album. Toto in 1982 in London at the. burgerbar publisherDetails:not. However, the record gave the band material to promote their "25th Anniversary Tour", which started in 2002 and concluded in 2003. "" by featuring 2016• Fahrenheit eventually went Gold on October 3, 1994. 1954 as Gennaro Piselli• 2002—2004 — 25th Anniversary Tour Through the Looking Glass Tour• Later that year, a live album titled was released. According to popular myth, at the first recording sessions, in order to distinguish their own demo tapes from other bands' in the studio, Jeff Porcaro wrote the word "Toto" on them. Originally, the band wanted to reunite with original vocalist Bobby Kimball to record new songs for a greatest hits record, but the record company instead insisted they hire South African singer. In April, mirroring the situation that had happened with Kimball seven years previously, former singer Joseph Williams was arrested on drug-related charges. Partly because of the radical, naive immorality of his roles, some of his more spicy gags raised much controversy in a society that was both strictly and ruled by the conservative Christian Democracy party. 1952 as Antonio Scaparro• 2013—2014: 35th anniversary, death of Fergie Frederiksen, and Simon Phillips's departure [ ] In 2013, celebrating their 35th anniversary, the band embarked on tour across Europe and North America, along with Japanese dates to follow in 2014. In 1993 they released a live album called. External links [ ] Media related to at Wikimedia Commons• "Africa" topped the charts in February 1983 and was a constant presence on radios around the world, but it was "Rosanna" that earned the band multiple Grammy nominations. 's and the episode "Che cosa sono le nuvole" from the latter released after his death , showed his dramatic skills. For someone born and raised in one of the poorest Neapolitan neighbourhoods, this must have been quite an achievement, but in claiming the titles at the time they had become meaningless the comedian also mocked them for their intrinsic worthlessness. The band's lineup consisted of the current Toto lineup Joseph Williams, Steve Lukather, David Paich and Steve Porcaro , and their touring musicians: , , and Shem von Schroeck. For the tour, Toto brought along two additional musicians, guitar, backup vocals and Lenny Castro percussion , to increase the depth of the sound. On December 14, 1992, the Tribute to Jeff Porcaro Concert was held at Universal City's. The final addition was singer , and signed to Columbia in 1976. "" by 2008• The Top 10 Toto Songs Louder. pagination-gallery-sequential label. 1955• After the "Toto XX" tour, Bobby Kimball rejoined the band as lead singer after 14 years. also rounded out their touring lineup in 2015 with percussionist , who'd played with the band in the '80s. 1982 — Toto IV Tour• Honestly, I have just had enough. 1950 as Pasquale Miele• 1961 as Antonio Peluffo• [ ] In October 2003, Steve Lukather released a named , featuring musicians such as , , and. With the release of the commercially successful 1982 , Toto became one of the best-selling music groups of their era. At the close of the tour, the band then took a break to pursue individual projects as well as to keep up their session schedules. Isolation 's tour began in February 1985 and concluded three months later. To promote the newly finished project, the band started a world tour running with an extensive European headline arena tour including appearances at key festivals, along with a North American tour to follow in the summer of 2015 and Asia later that year. "" by 1982• Toto played at the in 1991 and the band recorded , which was released on Columbia Records in most parts of the world and on ' label in the United States. Nearly 30 years later, Steve Lukather confessed that, despite the song's popularity, he hated "99" and that it's one of his least favorite Toto songs, which is why it was rarely performed after Hydra's tour. [ ] The "Tambu Tour" proved to be another success, although there were no North American dates. In addition, the duo asked fellow Grant High School students, guitarist who also played in Scaggs's band as a replacement for and Jeff Porcaro's brother keyboards to join the team. 2017 — An Evening With Toto Tour• 's dad drummed on several scores, and played in sessions with and. provided the main guitar work on 's hit "", although played the guitar solo in the bridge. 2008: First hiatus [ ] After a period of rumors and some allusions, on June 5, 2008, Lukather posted a message on his official website, stating, "The fact is yes I have left Toto. Contents• Liliana De Curtis, Matilde Amorosi. "" by 1981• vanilla-image-block img,article figure p. From March to November 1993, Lukather and Phillips teamed up with friends David Garfield and John Pena on the side project Los Lobotomys and recorded the album. celebrated their 20th anniversary in 1998 with the release of , a collection of rarities, outtakes, and demos. 1958 as Pasquale Belafronte• "" by 1977• Steve Lukather released his next solo album on February 22, 2008, named. — lead guitar, lead and backing vocals, bass guitar 1977—2008, 2010—2019, 2020—present• 1959 as Cesare Posalaquaglia• 1960 as Antonio Cocozza• "" by 1989• visa put the lives of his loved ones in danger, he is forced to question the extremity of his actions and re-evaluate the cost of fulfilling his dreams. The group has been honored with several and was inducted into the in 2009. Archived from on September 13, 2007. 1963 as Antonio La Trippa• Kimball was ordered to stand trial, but pleaded not guilty. It was their most comprehensive tour on the continent in years. 1954 as Salvatore Lojacono• In the early 1980s, band members told the press that the band was named after from. However, Jeff Porcaro's family insisted the band continue. Both James and Douglas-McRae were dropped from the band at the conclusion of the 1997 tour. 1963 as Urbano Cacace segment "Il Vigile Ignoto"• The band toured from February through July 1988. In early 1981, Toto released their third album,. The song "Hold the Line" was now sung as a duet between James and Douglas-McRae. "" by , , , 2002• Facing the prospect of a tour without Jeff, Toto almost broke up. The album was not a commercial success and many fans were upset about the release, thinking that the band should have written new material instead. 1962 as Colonnello Di Maggio• Kimball and Lukather live in 2007 Toto released a two-CD set on to commemorate the tour. In 2008, a companion DVD of the show which was recorded in Paris in March 2007 was released. 2018—2019: 40th anniversary, 40 Trips Around the Sun, All In, Old Is New, and second hiatus [ ] On February 9, 2018, Toto released their anniversary album. got back together for the RIGHT reason. During this time, the band also found that former singer Bobby Kimball was booking shows and billing himself and his backing band as "Toto". David Paich made another special appearance at the final show in Philadelphia to again perform "Africa" and "Home of the Brave". In early 2004, the band embarked on a world tour that went throughout 2004 and 2005. 1995—1997: Addition of Simon Phillips and Tambu [ ] In 1995 Toto recorded , their first album with Simon Phillips, which saw the band back with CBS now. They once again toured Europe in 2012. 1948 as Prof. The new lineup made its first studio album, , in 1996. They were directed by Bruce Gowers and produced by Paul Flattery for Jon Roseman Productions International. Toto embarked upon a brief tour of North America on September 20, 2019 — Steve Lukather stated that the tour will be the band's last for "a while," and that tensions within the band and its management have increased due to ongoing legal troubles, such as an ongoing lawsuit with the widow of founding member and drummer Jeff Porcaro, Susan Porcaro-Goings current wife of. On January 2, 2019, Toto kicked off their 2019 leg of the 40 Trips Around The Sun tour in at the. In 1988 Toto released their next album , featuring of on backup vocals on the single "". From 1991 on, Steve Lukather would handle a majority of the vocals until Bobby Kimball's return in 1998 , but some older songs originally sung by Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen, and Joseph Williams were put in the set list and sung by new backup singers Fred White who was replaced by John James in 1992 , Jackie McGee who had joined for the 1990 tour and was replaced by Donna McDaniel in 1992 and Jenny Douglas-McRae who had also come aboard in 1990. The harder-edged appeared in 1981 but it stiffed, peaking at 41 on the Top 200 and failing to generate a hit single. "" by 1959• "" by 1974• "" by 1990• left the band and was replaced by , but his time with was brief: he recorded new songs for the 1990 compilation before being fired after its supporting tour. 1947 as Gasparre• He learned the art of the , the Neapolitan scriptless comedians, heirs to the tradition of the , and began developing the trademarks of his style, including a puppet-like, disjointed gesticulation, emphasized facial expressions, and an extreme, sometimes surrealistic, sense of humor, largely based on emphasizing primitive urges such as hunger and sexual desire. Toto stylized as TOTO is an American band formed in 1977 in. no one really wants to make new music, not a full record anyway. This song was later featured on the Toto XX album as an "unreleased song. "" by 2012• 1950 as Toto• The 2007 leg featured filling in on bass for Mike Porcaro due to an at the time undisclosed illness. Released in August 1986, the album reached 40 on the Top 200 while generating a number 11 hit in the form of "I'll Be Over You," which featured on backing vocals. image-full-width-wrapper,article figure. 1967 as Ciancicato Miao segment "La terra vista dalla luna"• Archived from on April 17, 2015. The release featured extensive keyboard work from Steve Porcaro and a duet with Joseph Williams on the first single, "Bottom of Your Soul". regrouped by composing and recording the score to 's adaptation of 's sci-fi classic , and by the time the soundtrack hit the shelves in December 1984, the band delivered. , which featured on some tracks and and all cuts, appeared in March 2015. — drums, percussion, occasional backing vocals 2014 Discography [ ] Main article: Studio albums• " As the main motivation for his decision, Lukather said: When Dave [Paich] retired that was REAL hard for me 'cause we started the band together. 1956 as Antonio Buonocore• was such a big hit that forever lived in its shadow, but the group persevered over the next four decades, withstanding numerous personnel changes -- and one extended hiatus -- as they stayed in the studio and on the road, maintaining a cult following while their classic catalog, particularly "Africa," earned new generations of listeners. In 1978, under David Foster's direction, he brought in , Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro, and Toto vocalist to play on 's 1978 album. "" by 1991• Having played on many sessions with drummer the son of session percussionist , whom he met while attending , where they formed the band Rural Still Life, Paich began to discuss seriously with Porcaro the possibility of them forming their own band. 1982• This contained the three new tracks already released on 40 Trips Around the Sun plus completed recordings of four other older tracks featuring Jeff Porcaro on drums and either Mike Porcaro or David Hungate on bass plus other new recordings. The album featured three singles that reached the Top 10 on the chart: "", "" and "". The band also released four promotional music videos for the album, including the title track. Steve Porcaro was never replaced and Toto decided to continue with only five members. "" and "Without Your Love", which were both ballads sung by Lukather, were the two hit singles. 5,1 infinite;animation:eoUyJr 2s cubic-bezier 0. Of the musicians chosen, three were Steve Lukather, David Paich, and Steve Porcaro, the three core members of Toto. In addition, a then-unknown appeared as a dancer in their "Till the End" music video. 1s linear;-webkit-transition:background-color 0. A departure from Toto's sound of the late 1970s and 1980s, Tambu was a very organic release and featured the single "I Will Remember", which received moderate radio play. Paich says, 'Jeff remembered the name of the dog in The Wizard of Oz. Toto went on a small promotional tour with former members , and. parted ways with at the end of the supporting tour. "" by 1962• The first of which, which also led to the birth of the band was with , in which , , , and regular Toto guest contributor and father of Jeff, , and played on his smash hit album. 1958 as Giuseppe La Paglia• Hot Rocks: The Toto Story LP. 1954 as Rosario Chiarchiaro segment "La patente"• 1954 as Don Saverio Petrillo segment "Il guappo"• An was released shortly after on. John sang "Stop Loving You" and Bobby's part on "Rosanna", Donna sang "Home of the Brave" and "Angel Don't Cry", and Jenny sang "Hold the Line". The tour was documented on the 2003 set. After the detrimental sales of Turn Back, the band was under a great deal of pressure from the record company to produce a new hit record, akin to their first. Toto' Casamandrei• "" by , , 2006• David Hungate, after viewing the name on the demo tapes, explained to the group that the Latin words "in toto" translated to "all-encompassing. This isn't quite the same thing as saying solely played soft rock, although they contributed their share of adult contemporary standards, both as a band and as session musicians for , , , and. 1988• Toto has released 14 studio albums, and has sold over 40 million records worldwide. 1986—1987 — Fahrenheit Tour• " Because the band members played on so many records and so many musical genres, they adopted the name "Toto" as their own. 1979 — Toto Tour• The 2010 tour was a success, leading to subsequent tours in 2011 and 2012. 1956 as Antonio• According to the LA Times Report, the Los Angeles County Coroner's office lists the cause of death to be a heart attack from the hardening of the arteries caused by cocaine use. This new version of the band was showcased on the 1993 live album , which was recorded two months after 's death. pagination-gallery-sequential-button. 1950 as Figaro• Toto Tickets, 2021 Concert Tour Dates Ticketmaster. Half Moon• planned 2018 as a 40-year Anniversary celebration, releasing the compilation in commemoration of their founding and planning a supporting tour. They have also played with legendary player. "" by 2018• On October 11, 2010, Steve Lukather released his next solo album,. 2004—2005 — 2004 Summer Tour• 1988—1990: Past To Present and Jean-Michel Byron [ ] Steve Lukather on Varus Open Air in , Germany, 2004 Although "The Seventh One Tour" was very successful, after it was finished the band decided to replace lead singer Joseph Williams. wound up co-composing over half of ' 1976 groundbreaking smash , including the hits "Lowdown" and "Lido Shuffle," which turned the keyboardist into a hot commodity among record labels. Both the live album and the DVD were released in late 2003. Associazione Antonio De Curtis. Paich returned but was only able to play for a few weeks before he had to leave again, so Phillinganes once again filled in for the remainder of the shows. Bibliography [ ]• "" by , , , 2001• After the European leg of the tour, Toto covered 's song "" in response to their cover of Toto's 1981 number 1 single, "". Phillips was then replaced by Steely Dan drummer. 1955 as Antonio La Quaglia• , a collection of covers, appeared in 2002, followed by a tour celebrating the band's 25th anniversary. 1940 as Mastro Agostino Miciacio• 955 ;transition:all 300ms cubic-bezier 0. "" by , , 2007• "" by 1960• "" by 1979• On December 15, 1981, Bobby Kimball was arrested for allegedly selling cocaine to an undercover police officer. This album's disappointing chart performance and sales in almost every country besides and put the band's career into further jeopardy, as they had not had a hit single in North America in almost two years at that point. 2006—2008: Falling In Between and Falling In Between Live [ ] Steve Lukather and Greg Phillinganes, in , Norway, August 4, 2007 In early 2006, Toto released on the Italian label , their first album of new material since 1999. On March 15, 2015, former bassist Mike Porcaro died, due to complications from his battle with ALS, in his sleep at his home in Los Angeles.。 。 。



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