Canadian dating american

canadian dating american

Can you tell a Canadian from an American?

Yes, Canadians have more of a British DNA, otherwise in looks and speech, no one would know. When I, a Canadian, was in Vietnam, no one had any idea I was a Canadian. I looked American, I talked American, I ate the same food as an American. Once in awhile, when it came out that I was Canadian I would be the brunt of playful abuse.

Can a Canadian legally marry an American citizen in America?

A Canadian wishing to marry a U.S. citizen inside the United States, and then take up permanent residence in the United States, must first file a visa application in Canada. If the couple does not intend to stay in the United States, then the Canadian may arrive on any legal visa, participate in the wedding ceremony, and then leave before the ...

What is the difference between American and Canadian English vocabulary?

The way Americans say it sounds to Canadians like ‘sarry’, rhyming with ‘starry.’ (Update: but see Kit di Pomi’s comment below this answer.) One consistent difference in vocabulary is in the vocabulary of education. Americans say ‘first grade,’ ‘second grade’, ‘third grade,’ and so on.

Do Americans take offence when you ask them if theyre Canadian?

The upshot of this practice is that if the person is American, they don’t take offence at all. However, if the person is Canadian, they are very chuffed that we got it right. You don’t need to - *shhh* this is a secret, but this what we do in Australia.

What do Canadians find weird about Americans?

Here are eight things that Canadians find weird about Americans. 1. American money If you line up all the American bills side by side, what do you notice? All the bills are the same color and are made out of paper. That may seem normal to Americans, but in Canada, American money is considered unappealing.

What makes Canada and the United States most alike?

What makes our two countries most alike is the media we collectively obsess over. Canada has tried to take US programs and make them local. For example, Canadian Idol failed after 3 seasons, and The Amazing Race Canada and The Bachelor Canada are still running.

What words are spelled differently in the US and Canada?

In the U.S., some words such as “color,” “favorite” and “center” are spelled slightly different in Canada (colour, favourite and centre). Although Americans believe that their way of spelling is right, American English is the only branch of the English language that is different from the rest of the English—speaking countries.

Do Canadians like Americans as individuals?

It is important to know that whether George W. Bush or Barack Obama is president, Canadians like Americans as individuals. But we don’t feel at home among them, as if they are foreign, and we doubt the American view of the world, as if their values and ambitions are antithetical to ours.

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