Dating elgin wrist watches

dating elgin wrist watches

How do I find the serial number of my Elgins watch?

For a longer explanation, see my Newer Elginswebpage. If you have a wrist watch, and the only number on the movement is a three digit number in the range of 500-999, then there is no serial number.

How can I tell what movement my Elgin Watch is?

The Online Database for the Elgin Watch Company can tell you a great deal of information about your watch, based on just the serial number off the movement. (The movement is also sometimes called the watch works.) Serial Number off the movement: Important!

When was the first Elgin Watch made?

The first Elgin watch (a pocket watch) dates to 1867. The last Elgin movement made in America was produced in 1968.

How much are Elgin pocket watches worth?

Each antique Elgin Pocket Watch model has unique features that appreciate its value. For instance, the 18K gold-plated watches cost a premium at a $500 starting bid, slightly more than the 14K model. Standard antique Elgin pocket watch models retail at affordable prices less than $100.

How do I find out what year my Elgin Watch was made?

Enter the serial number into an online Elgin serial number database to obtain an instant result that lists its year of production. You can also refer to an Elgin serial number chart. Elgin watches made before the late 1930s feature serial numbers without a letter prefix, with those made after that period containing one letter.

How do I read an Elgin serial number?

Elgin serial numbers are at least 5 characters long and may start with a letter, please include the initial letter if you have one. The 3 digit number is not the serial number but the Elgin movement number which this tool cannot decode. Elgin stopped using serial numbers on their watches in 1955.

How do you find the year of production on an Elgin?

Hold the magnifying glass above the watch gears and write down the watchs serial number located next to them, while taking care to avoid damaging any of the timepieces delicate parts. Enter the serial number into an online Elgin serial number database to obtain an instant result that lists its year of production.

What does code X mean on an Elgin Watch?

This code is kind of strange since each digit is written as one block of Roman numbers, the X is for zero, not ten, and the 9 might not be written as IX. For Elgin watches, case serial numbers on solid gold watches will usually be only 10% or less of the serial number on the movement.

How much did the first Elgin pocket watch cost?

However, the first Elgin pocket watch was released in 1867. The first watch was an 18 sized BW Raymond railroad grade pocket watch that took six months to complete. This timepiece was sold for $117. To put it into context, in the year 1867, pork chips were retailing at three cents a pound.

What grade is a 17J Elgin pocket watch?

SUPERB GOLD PLATED ELGIN, GRADE 244, 16s, 17Js OPEN FACED POCKET WATCH, FWO!. Antique Elgin National Watch Co. pocket watch movement in working condition. Antique ELGIN pocket watch movement 15 j.

Why buy an Elgin National Watch Company wrist watch?

If you’ve always wanted to own a piece of functional American history, without breaking the bank, then a wrist or pocket watch from the Elgin National Watch Company may just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What kind of Watch is the Elgin 10ct?

Elgin USA 10ct hunter cased lever wind pocket watch white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds movement An 18-carat gold Elgin pocket watch, USA, circa 1880, 21 jewel, crownwind lever set, full plate high grade, double back, railroad quality, a jewel to the centre wheel, enamel dial with Roman numerals, in a hunter case, 53 mm diameter

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