I regret not dating more

i regret not dating more

Do you ever regret something you never wanted to do before?

There is always the possibility of regretting something that you wanted to do but you did not. I would say that people making this in a binary option, either you are good or serious, or you are silly and bad with your wasteful running around….are messing the whole topic up. I have been in two long term relationships, one 4, another 3 years.

Will I regret not having more sexual partners?

Will you regret not having more sexual partners, well that is up to you. If you have that one partner that is so good, that no one can ever live up to that memory you will always be disappointed in your current partner because you will always be comparing them to the best partner that you ever had, and then you will feel as though you settled.

Do you ever regret your first time sleeping around?

Theres a chance you might regret it, but theres also a good chance you would regret sleeping around. I have actually heard plenty of people say they wish they would have slept around less or not at all, myself being one of them.

Do you regret not having a story to tell?

But you will have no story to tell, then you will REGRET! If you choose to end up with losers, such stories are told everyday and you will regret, if you end up with those changing the world, they tell different tales because they didn’t spend their lives gathering low-lifer’s victories and for the few that did, it’s not noble to share.

Do you regret your regrets?

Regrets are a part of life, but they don’t have to be a major part of it. Sometimes, doing certain things affects you in a way that you won’t consciously realize. Especially with the items that have an effect on the way others see you. If you knew what your boss thought of your political rant, you’d possibly regret it!

Why should we never regret the decisions we make in life?

The reality is, however, there are an infinite number of reasons we should never regret any of the decisions we make in our lives. 1. Every decision gives you the opportunity to take credit for creating your own life.

Do you regret sending an email when you’re angry?

Whether it’s to learn something about your career field or an opportunity to learn anything, you should take it. Barring things that literally kill you, experience is what life is all about. 3. You’ll regret every time sending an email/text when you’re angry I’ve learned to quell the desire to return fire in an electronic form of communication.

Do you regret putting off a passion/an interest?

You’ll regret every time putting off a passion/an interest Author Russell Blake recently published a rant about running into a friend who acknowledged Blake’s career as a writer by saying he wanted to write a book too, but didn’t have the time.

What are real regrets?

But what emerged is that real regrets are about bad choices. Not bad things happening to you, or the way that life has punched you in the face: regret is a deep sorrow about something you did, or something you failed to do.

Do you regret living in fear?

If a regret is defined as “feeling sad or disappointed about something you have done, or failed to do”, then it would imply these tweeters feel that living in fear is some sort of choice. Nobody said, “I regret that I got cancer”, because nobody chooses to contract the disease, therefore it’s not technically a regret.

Do you regret not being braver and not risking vulnerability?

And then, perhaps less surprising, there was love: a few tweets from people regretting that they had declared their love and ended up having their heart broken, but many, many more regretting not being braver and not risking vulnerability – the regret of having been afraid.

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