Marine engineering dating format

marine engineering dating format

How to become a marine engineer in India?

B. E. Marine Engineering is a full-time course of 4 years divided into 8 semesters. Approximately, 45 colleges in India offer this course out of which 22% are government colleges. Students who have cleared their 10+2 in science stream are eligible for this course. The graduates of both these courses go on to become marine engineers.

What is the difference between marine engineering and GME?

B.E. Marine engineering focuses on both practical and theoretical knowledge and are much more technically sound than GME students because GME focuses primarily on practical expertise.

Can a GME student join the Merchant Navy?

Although GME gives an opportunity for graduates to enter and begin their career in the merchant navy, it is not advisable for candidates to enter the field through GME course. The reasons are listed below: – Year loss – In comparison to B. Tech. Marine Engineering, GME cadets begin their career as a marine engineer a year later.

How to get a degree in marine engineering?

When it comes to B.E./B.Tech. Marine Engineering Degree, there are two ways in which a student may acquire it. He/she may go for the regular B.E./B.Tech. Degree or may go for Lateral Entry (after completing Diploma program).

What is the job scope of Marine Engineering in India?

in India Marine Engineers mostly work onboard of goods and passenger carrier ships to supervise the operations and maintenance of the ships engines, all machines, all the mechanical and electrical equipment, devices and systems.

What is the eligibility criteria for marine engineering?

Candidates should also have minimum 50% marks in English subject (in 10th or 12th standard examination). In case of regular B.E./B.Tech. Marine Engineering program, age of candidate should be within 17-25 years of age. In case of lateral entry, there is no lower age limit and the upper limit is 25 years.

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