Hook up sub to factory radio

hook up sub to factory radio

How to install a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo?

You can connect the ground wire with your car chassis or any other nearby part. This is an essential step for installing a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo. You must check that a bolt is used to secure the wire properly. The ground wire must be attached to the naked metallic part of your car to work properly.

How do you hook up speakers to the radio?

We grounded to a seat bolt right here back by the amplifier, and then we grabbed speaker wire signal from the factory radio in the dash, connected that to a line output converter right behind the radio, and ran RCA cables and our blue remote turn on wire from behind the radio, down the drivers side of the vehicle, right back here to our amplifier.

Where to tap into speaker wire for subwoofer?

Generally if tapping into factory wires for a subwoofer, its best to tap into the rear speaker leads. This mainly comes into play if an aftermarket radio is installed and a high pass filter is set on the front speakers to eliminate some of the bass from the front of the vehicle and of course this would take those lower frequencies away from ...

Where can I get help selecting the AMP and subwoofer I Need?

If you have any questions or need help selecting the amp and subwoofer thats right for you, contact our advisors. Theyre available via phone and chat, and will be happy to help. Hey, Im J.R.

How to install a subwoofer in a car?

Subwoofer requires space and air to work properly, select a suitable place within your car. At this stage, you need to add power cables with your subwoofer, if you are placing subwoofer away from the car stereo, you may need an extra power cable. Carefully secure both ends of the power cable and properly attach it with your subwoofer.

How do I hook up a subwoofer to a receiver?

The subwoofer is hooked up to the receiver with a single interconnect cable. Stereo receivers, pre-amps, and integrated amplifiers rarely have subwoofer output jacks or offer bass-management options.

Why should you install a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo?

Poor sound quality can totally ruin your mood, making you angry without cause. Music is a beautiful form of art and you wouldn’t want to ruin your music experience due to the lack of a proper sound system, and this is exactly why you need to know how to install a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo.

How to install a car stereo in a car?

The power cable should run under the car carpet and must be attached with tape or glue. At the car stereo end, all the wires are already attached, and now it is time to set the ground wire. Setting up a ground wire is easy, just follow these steps.

How to find the right subwoofer for your amp?

Finding the Right Sub for Your Amp 1 Find the Amp’s Power Range. The sub’s RMS watts rating must match the amp’s power range for optimal sound. ... 2 Decide on the Number of Subs. ... 3 Combine Impedance with the Number of Subs to Determine Coil Configurations 4 Choose Subs that Suit Impedance and Power. ...

What size car stereo amp do I need for a subwoofer?

Car stereo amps range from one to six channels. A mono-channel amp is often ideal for powering subwoofers since it can output a lot of power with low impedance. The sub’s RMS watts rating must match the amp’s power range for optimal sound. Find the amp’s power in RMS watts at 4 ohms, 2 ohms, and 1 ohm.

Do you need an amplifier with a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is an excellent addition to improve the sound in your aftermarket car stereo system. Subwoofers add fullness to music, giving off rich, deep notes that any music lover will appreciate. But in order for a subwoofer to sound great, it needs to be paired with the right amplifier.

What AMP should I get for my Crutchfield subwoofer?

The last is too high a load to be practical, so you’ll look for an amp that can put out up to 600 watts RMS into either a 4-ohm load, or a 1-ohm impedance load: Among Crutchfield’s selection of amplifiers you’ll find: Any one of these high-quality amplifiers would work well with those subs.

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