Dating a woman with spina bifida

dating a woman with spina bifida

Is it possible to have a healthy sex life with spina bifida?

Spina bifida (SB) or no SB, responsible and caring sexual partners take time to talk through difficult issues, such as preferences and expectations. Rest assured that it is totally possible to create a mutually enjoyable sex life with a partner with SB. You are correct in recognizing that there may be special ways to prepare for sexual intimacy.

Why did boys ask to date a woman with spina bifida?

(Picture: Lila Hart / A woman with spina bifida says boys asked to date her in secret because they were ashamed to be seen with a ‘midget’. 27-year-old Lila Hart is just 4ft 6ins tall due to a curved spine birth defect which doctors said would leave her unable to walk.

Can women with spina bifida take folic acid?

Women with Spina Bifida are at a low increased risk of having children with Spina Bida. Taking folic acid can decrease this risk by up to 70%.

Do women with spina bifida have different options for birth control?

Women with Spina Bifida have most of the same options for birth control as the general population. Based on all available information, a woman’s Spina Bifida level or mobility status does not impact contraception choices, including birth control pills.

Are all people with spina bifida the same?

No two people with spina bifida are exactly alike. Health issues and treatments for people with spina bifida will be different for each person. Some people have issues that are more severe than other people. Those born with “open” spina bifida usually have more health issues and need more types of treatments. .

Can I get pregnant with spina bifida?

Pregnant women with Spina Bifida should also see their urologist and neurosurgeon in addition to their gynecology team to make sure the pregnancy is not adversely affecting their shunt or kidneys. Women with Spina Bifida have most of the same options for birth control as the general population.

How can women reduce the risk of spina bifida?

Women of childbearing age can reduce their risk of having a child with spina bifida by taking 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day pre-conception. Because it is water soluble, folic acid does not stay in the body for very long and needs to be taken every day to be effective against neural defects.

Can women with spina bifida have spinal analgesia?

Occasionally, it may be possible for women with spina bifida to have spinal analgesia (injections into the back to block pain) but it varies from person to person, as the spina bifida lesion and shape of the bones often stop the analgesic from working.

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