Is meetup a dating site

is meetup a dating site

Is meetup a good place to meet singles?

Dating on Meetup Though Meetup is not designed as a dating site, the Singles category is one of its most popular. Hundreds of groups exist to help single members meet each other in cities across the world. Find a singles group that appeals to you by browsing available options under the Singles tag.

What is Meetup and how does it work?

Meetup is a social networking site that allows you to find and join groups related to your own personal interests. However, instead of just talking about these interests online, Meetup is used to organize offline and in-person meetings in your area. Common locations for Meetup groups include cafes, parks, and sometimes even peoples homes.

How do I find a meetup group?

Click on Find a Meetup Group to browse all Groups within 50 miles of your location. You can also view Meetups your friends are attending, if your account is linked with Facebook, and Groups recommends for you based on your interests.

How much does it cost to use meetup?

All other use of is free. Meetup does not charge members to create an account, join Meetup Groups, or attend Meetup events. If a particular Meetup has an event fee, it will be listed on the events page.

Does anyone use Meetup to meet other people?

You will find a few like this — maybe a few in every group — but people who use Meetup are mostly normal people looking for other people who are interested in the same things they are. Has anyone used to meet with other people that have social anxiety or are shy and quiet? How did that go?

How many people have joined singles meetup?

16,995,286 members 9,376 groups Meet other singles near you! Come to a Singles Meetup and flirt with fellow minglers for fun, friendship...and maybe more! Join Singles groupsRelated topics: Social Social Networking New In Town Nightlife Dining Out Fun Times Adventure Dancing Dating and Relationships Womens Social Singles groups near you

How do I find meetups for singles over 60?

For instance, here are two meetups for singles over 60. Check out the Related Topics (red arrow) to find even more groups pertaining to singles over sixty or any other interest. Use to search meetups in something you love. 2. Do Volunteer Work There is no shortage of places to volunteer wherever you live and whatever your interests.

Is there a more efficient way to meet people?

The thing is more-traditional ways of meeting people arent any more efficient if you think about it. Many people have made friends at work or school, but most didnt show up to their first class or shift and come away with a group of buddies.

How much does it cost to run a meetup group?

Organize your own groups or sponsor other organizers and tap into our network of millions of members. Learn more about Meetup Pro. $30per group per monthbilled every six months or $35per group per monthbilled month to month. Taxes may apply. If you create any new groups during a billing cycle, you will be charged at the per-group rate above.

Is meetup Pro A rip-off?

That was not the case before. Now, if you want to organize more than 3 groups, then you have to pay for Meetup PRO, which costs $30 per group PER MONTH! That seems like nothing but a rip off to me.

What can you do with meetup?

Updating your credit card information Start a group, organize events, and get connected with interested members. Meetup helps you transform common interests into genuine connections. Learn more about the benefits of starting a group on Meetup.

Can I get a refund for my meetmeetup Plus subscription?

Meetup Plus subscription fees are not refundable. You can request to cancel your subscription before your next payment by emailing your account manager or the email address listed in your Organizer Subscription page.

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