How do you hook up surround sound to a projector

how do you hook up surround sound to a projector

How to connect a sound system to a projector?

How to connect your sound system to your projector. Turn your amplifier or receiver off to avoid it transmitting the sounds while you are connecting. Place the cable in the audio out port. Insert the ends of the audio cable to the sound system to amplifier the sound they produce. After connecting to the receiver, turn it on.

How do I connect my Android phone to my projector?

Turn on your projector and plug in the Miracast on the HDMI port as well as the power cord on the USB port. Then, connect your smartphone to Miracast by tapping the “Cast” button located on your notification bar. Tap on the name of the Miracast and wait until your phone is mirrored to your projector.

How do I connect my AVR to my projector?

You can connect the HDMI output port on the device to the HDMI input port on the projector, connect the SPDIF output port on the projector to the SPDIF input port on the AVR, and then connect the AVR to the external speakers using speaker cables.

How do I connect my DLP projector to my AV receiver?

Turn off the projector and the receiver before making connections. Plug the audio cables into the Audio OUT port on the side of the DLP projector. Insert the other end of the audio cables into the AUX IN port on the rear of the AV receiver.

How to connect speakers to a projector?

Most speakers connect to one audio port with a single connector. However, others have their audio connectors. The audio jack splits between them. For projectors with inbuilt speakers, connect the projector to the stereo speaker with a 3.5 mm audio-out jack.

How do I connect my AVR to my projector?

Turn Off, Connect, and Turn On: Turn off both devices first. Plug the audio cables into the sound port or “Audio Out” on your projector. Insert the audio cables’ other connectors into the “Aux-In” port on the rear end of the AVR. Now you can turn on both devices. Press The Source Button: The AVR has a “Source” button.

Can I use my projector as a soundbar?

Many projectors have options for sound output, but often they don’t support the more advanced digital sound formats or analog sound beyond stereo. Sometimes, however, its your only option. Your projector may support any of the following formats to transmit audio to a soundbar: HDMI or HDMI ARC

How does a projector work?

To make this possible, the projector is connected to an amplifier which turns the input signal (usually from a DVD player) into an amplified sound that can be heard over other sounds. The image light will shine through lenses and then through a device called a lens.

How to connect a projector to an AV receiver?

First, connect the projector to the AV receiver using a cable (e.g., HDMI cable, VGA cable, or an audio cable). Then connect the AV receiver to the power supply and turn it ON. Next, turn ON your projector and press the “Source” button on your remote control and select the “AV Receiver” option where you have connected the cable.

How to connect a projector cable box to a computer?

Most projectors have HDMI ports which make it very easy to connect the cable box to the computer. Insert one end of the cable into the cable box Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the projector. However, if your cable box lacks an HDMI port, most of the vintage cable box does not have an HDMI port then buy an adapter.

How do I test if my projector is working?

Please turn on the projector, and it will take some time to start, so insert any test movie in your disk player on your receiver. Meanwhile, your projector will be warmed up, so switch to the channel you are using in your receiver. Now play the test movie on the A/V receiver and check it’s working.

How to connect a soundbar to a projector?

The connection between soundbar and projector resembles the relationship between projector and stereo speakers, but you have more connection options in the former one. Instead of a stereo RCA connector and stereo audio jack, you will also have TOSLINk in a soundbar. Set the soundbar at your desired location.

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