Tinder dating cost

tinder dating cost

How much does Tinder cost?

Tinder offers One subscription plans: Tinder offers one different Standard Plans: a 3 days plan for FREE, The most expensive plan is the 3 Days month plan at FREE. However, if you look at the 3 Days month plan on a cost per month basis you save 0% by paying $0.00 per month versus paying $ for for the 5 Days month plan.

How is Tinder different from other dating apps?

The Tinder dating app is different when compared to other dating communities because Tinder allows free trial members to send messages to any member. Try out the mobile app and its unique “swipe” way of viewing profiles – scrolling is quick and fun when you view your matches one by one.

How much does app dating cost per month?

The most expensive App Dating site is which has a cost per month of $0.00. The least expensive App Dating site is which has a cost per month of $0.00 on their month plan. When comparing Tinder cost per month of $0.00 to the other 559 paid dating sites we see that it is the most expensive on a per month basis.

Is the Tinder Gold upgrade worth it?

For users, the Gold upgrade is a good one. While it might have kicked off as a dating app via swiping, it is mainly used by those looking for hookups. There are some users on the lookout for relationships, but the majority are looking for something fun and commitment-free.

How much does Tinder subscription cost?

A Tinder Gold subscription costs around $29.99 for one month, with a price break if you commit to 6 or 12 months at a time: The exact amount you’ll pay depends on factors like your location and age.

Should you buy Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus?

If Tinder Plus isn’t good enough for you, you can take things further by buying Tinder Gold. Tinder Gold costs a whopping $30 per month if you don’t get it on sale or you don’t pay for multiple months of a commitment: Ouch. Not cheap by any means.

What is the average age of Tinder users?

The majority of users are aged between 18-24, and it’s still highly popular with people in the 25-34 age group. The app’s two premium services have 4.1million Tinder subscribers, implying the benefits of subscribing are good and that they’re fairly priced.

How many tinder picks do you get per day?

You’ll receive anywhere from 4 to 10 Tinder Picks every day, which you can check out by tapping the gold diamond icon at the top of the screen. Your top picks will change every day – so make sure to swipe right whenever you’re intrigued.

So what does Hinge dating app cost? Preferred member status starts at $9.99 for a six-month subscription, which is about what you’d pay for ad-free music on Spotify or other platforms. If you just want to try it out for one month, the cost does go up to $20, but that’s still a lower price than some other dating platforms.

How much does it cost to use Tinder?

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