Hookup travel budapest

hookup travel budapest

How to get around in Budapest?

There is an extensive public transportation network in Budapest: it’s easy to reach any part of the city any time... Here you can find the major taxi companies in Budapest listed with their contact information and some useful tips...

Is Budapest a good option for first-time female travellers?

But we think that Budapest might actually is a good option for first-time female travellers. Women travelling here by themselves should feel at ease. It’s got a nice atmosphere, it’s pretty walkable and there’s not too much hassle on the streets. The citizens of Budapest are used to seeing women walking around by themselves. Still…

How much does public transport cost in Budapest?

Good news if youre older than 65 and from an EU country: all public transport in Budapest is free for you. For everyone else, the cost of a single fare is HUF 350 (~€1).

Is it time to visit Budapest again?

You can also enter without quarantine if you have a valid PCR test issued less than 72 hours before arrival. Children under 18 coming with adults who are vaccinated can also enter the country. It is time to visit Budapest again! For even more exact information, check the following article.

What is the best way to visit Budapest?

Although buses and trams are the primary forms of transport in Budapest, the metro is the easiest way to get around the city for a first-timer. It is also the quickest way to get around the city. There are currently four metro lines, so it’s simple to navigate the city.

How to get from Budapest Airport to city centre?

On the way out of the airport un-licenced taxis might try to offer you a ride to the city centre, however it’s recommended you always choose the airport’s official partner, Főtaxi, the oldest taxi company in the country.

How to get from Budapest to the Danube?

Danube River Ferry Service – a passenger boat service is available in Budapest between Újpest and Millenniumi Városközpont. The route provides a beautiful commute for locals as well as a great way to get around and see the city from the Danube for visitors.

What time does public transportation end in Budapest?

Public transportation in Budapest ends between 11pm and midnight, when the metro, trams and trolley buses stop operating. There are night buses running (marked with “É”) to make sure you get home from anywhere in the city.

There are many ticket collectors in Budapest’s public transport systems, especially in the metro, so make sure to buy a transport ticket before using any means of transportation. The penalties can be up to 16 Ft ( US$ 0). Single tickets or a travel card?

How do I get around in Budapest?

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