Dating a med student meme

dating a med student meme

Are there any memes about doctors?

With so many years spent pursuing a career, many funny stories and medical jokes are bound to be accumulated. And since people say that laughter is the best medicine, we have compiled a list of the best doctor memes from all around the internet.

Why do guys like to date nurses?

When a guy dates a nurse, that role is often reversed. Nurses can make excellent money and if they specialize they will probably make more money than the guys that they date. There are a lot of men who are turned on by this because it takes the pressure off of them to be the traditional bread winners of a family.

Why do women listen to men when they are dating?

They have to listen in order to make sure the patient is getting the care he or she needs. Listening becomes natural to them, so when they are dating, they listen to what the guy has to say. It doesnt mean she agrees with everything, but she is willing to hear him out before voicing her own thoughts and opinions.

What are some funny stories and memes you think you will like?

Here are some funny stories and meme’s that I think you will like… 1. With American becoming more and more stagnant this one says it best. 2. During a patient’s two-week follow-up appointment with his cardiologist, he informed me, his doctor, that he was having trouble with one of his medications.

Are there any doctor doctor jokes that have stood the test?

Doctor, doctor jokes have really stood the test of time! Get on board with these classics and some original Beano gems. When youre cured, head on over to our teacher jokes or ask Why did...? and get some very funny answers! Doctor Doctor, I think Im a brain!

What are some good doctor who quotes?

Doctor Doctor, I think Im a brain! Doctor, doctor, Im hollow inside!” That’s because youre a pumpkin! Doctor, doctor! Theres a patient on line 1 that says hes invisible.

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