Telstra nbn hook up

telstra nbn hook up

How do I switch to Telstra NBN?

Connect in 4 easy steps. Enter your address below to find out which type of nbn connection you can get. Choose the Telstra nbn plan thats right for you. Once youve ordered, well start your switch to nbn. Well send you everything you need, including a Telstra Smart Modem for new customers. Well let you know if you need a technician.

How do I connect to the NBN ™ network?

Your installer will then place an nbn ™ connection box inside the main premises or in a powered building nearby. To connect to the internet, you will need to plug your modem into the nbn ™ connection box. Your modem will need to be supplied by you or your service provider.

How do I check if Telstra is building a new network?

Check your address Visit Telstra’s address checker at and type your address in the box. This handy tool will show you which areas are already connected to the network which have commenced build and which areas nbn co is preparing to build in.

What equipment do I need to connect to the NBN?

The Telstra nbn Connection Kit has everything you need to connect to the nbn, including a free Telstra Gateway Max™ (modem) and a new cordless home telephone. This equipment is specially designed to work on your current service as well as on the nbn.

How do I Change my Telstra NBN plan?

Check your address and choose the Telstra plan thats right for you. Make sure youre out of contract with your current provider to avoid cancellation fees. Well connect your Telstra nbn service and cancel your old service when its time to change over.

Can I switch to NBN?

Generally, if NBN is available in your area, you should have no issues switching over. Your first step is to do your research and decide which provider and plan is right for you – Canstar Blue’s NBN comparison tool is a great place to get started.

What happens to my Telstra smart modem when I Change Plan?

The Telstra Smart Modem works on all our plans so if you already have one, you wont need a new modem when you change plan. If you are moving to the nbn we will check your Telstra modem and if its compatible well send you an nbn Conversion kit with easy-to-follow instructions.

Do I need to cancel my current NBN connection before signing up?

No, you do not need to cancel your current nbn connection before signing up to a Telstra nbn plan. Sign up with us first, and when your Telstra connection is ready well notify your current nbn provider and cancel your old service. Note: Be sure to check that your contract with your current nbn provider has ended.

What do I need to get started with the NBN?

The two pieces of NBN tech you’ll need to get up and running on an HFC, FTTP or FTTC connection are an NBN connection box and an NBN utility box. The utility box gets installed on the outside of your property, while the connection box will be inside your home.

Do you need an Ethernet cable to connect to NBN?

The NBN connection box is a modem, so you’ll need an Ethernet cable to connect it to an NBN-compatible router to share the internet around your home. Because FTTC is a simpler installation than FTTP and HFC, there aren’t as many hurdles.

What does the NBN connection box do?

While the NBN connection box may look different between technology types, it serves the same function: to connect to the NBN and get the devices in your home online by connecting the NBN box to a compatible router.

How do I connect to the NBN outside my house?

This NBN connection box is a modem, so you’ll need to connect it to an NBN-compatible router, your own or from your provider, to share the internet around your home. A trench may need to be dug to connect the coaxial cable from the street to the NBN utility box outside your home.

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