Best way to hook up car amp and subs in house

best way to hook up car amp and subs in house

How do I connect a home stereo to a car AMP?

Home stereo with full range RCA output jacks + car amp: This is the easiest way by far, but not all home stereos have full-range RCA output jacks. Some only have subwoofer RCA output jacks which are bass-only outputs.

Can you connect a subwoofer to a car AMP RCA?

Some only have subwoofer RCA output jacks which are bass-only outputs. Full-range RCA output jacks can be connected directly to the car amp’s RCA inputs. In all cases, you’ll also need to wire the amp with power and a remote-on wire so it can turn on.

How do you hook up a subwoofer to a car body?

Hold in place by using zip ties to attach to nearby wiring, hoses, or brackets. Connect the amplifier ground wire to bare metal near where the amplifier and subwoofer will be placed. Use a crimp ring terminal and secure it to the car body (bare metal) with a factory screw or bolt.

Where should I install an amplifier in my car?

Good locations to install an amplifier include: Pros: You can use short wires and patch cords. You wont have to remove a seat or climb into the trunk. Cons: Only very small amps fit here. This puts your amp close to some common noise sources. Pros: Plenty of room for large amps. Near the rear speakers. Easy access to the amp controls.

How do I connect my car stereo to my power supply?

Follow these steps to safely connect your car stereo to your home power supply. Disconnect all power from PSU. Depending on year and model of PSU, there may have different color wires. on my PSU, there are black, blue, yellow, orange, red, and green.

How to connect a car amplifier to a car?

Unscrew the 12V screw, put the other end of the wire in the 12V port and tighten the screw. Now, when you have connected the remote wires with the power wires, you must connect the power wires in the power input port of the car amplifier.

How do I connect my amp to my home stereo?

Home stereo use – RCA converter with remote lead: If you’re connecting an amp to speaker outputs you can use a line level converter with a built-in remote wire output. They’ll automatically turn the amp on or off with an input signal present.

Can I use a car AMP for home stereo?

The amp’s speaker level inputs will scale down the speaker inputs to a low signal it can use. Home stereo with no RCA output jacks + car amp with RCA jack inputs only: In this case, you’ll have no choice but to use a line level converter commonly used for car audio.

How do I install an amplifier in my car?

Start by finding a flat spot inside your vehicle and screwing your amplifier down to mount it. Run the wires from an amp installation kit along the sides of your vehicle so you can connect them to power and the stereo system.

Can you put an amp in the back of a car?

A common place to fit an amp is in the trunk or luggage compartment of your car. However, if youre driving, say, an SUV, space becomes limited and youll need to consider mounting the amp under, behind, or between the seats. Another consideration is that amps generate heat—hence the need for cooling fans.

Do I need an amplifier for my car stereo?

If youre concerned about volume, an amplifier is still the component you need to add to your system. Youll probably need an amp with speaker-level inputs if youre leaving the factory stereo in place, but some premium factory head units come with line-level outputs.

How to mount an amp to a car seat?

Choose a place that has flat floors, such as your trunk, in the passenger seat footwell, or under the rear seats. Check underneath your vehicle to make sure there aren’t any wires or pipes on the other side of where you want the amp. Hold the amp still as you mark the locations of the mounting holes in the corners with a marker or pencil.

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