Is kathryn dating whitney

is kathryn dating whitney

Did Kathryn and Whitney ever hook up?

That would make the alleged hookup sometime around or after when Kathryn said on Watch What Happens Live in May 2018 that she would probably not, no hook up with Whitney again. If youre like, again? Did they ever hook up at all? Yes.

Does Kathryn Newton have a relationship with Whitney Houston?

Kathryn and Whitney do have a past together, but so far it hasnt translated into a lasting romantic relationship. It may not stop fans and co-stars alike from speculating, but both Kathryn and Whitney have unceremoniously shut the rumors down time and time again.

Are Whitney and Kathryn going to be in-laws?

When the Whitney and Kathryn rumors came up, Patricia decided to answer on Kathryns behalf. Though they would love to be in-laws now that theyre basically besties, it doesnt sound like thats something that will actually come to pass.

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