Naruto dating hinata

naruto dating hinata

Do you like Naruto and Hinata together?

The love that Naruto and Hinata had for each other cant ever be doubted. They were the cutest pairing in the entire series and were perfect for one another, unlike some of the other relationships that felt random. Their bond built slowly throughout the series, culminating in the excellent Naruto: The Last Movie.

Are Naruto and Hinata from Naruto the last movie married?

When The Last: Naruto The Movie came out, the pair officially were dating and, eventually, married. In Boruto, Naruto and Hinata are the parents of the protagonist, Boruto, and his little sister Himawari. As parents, they serve very different roles.

Why did Sakura end up with Sasuke instead of Hinata?

This was a huge red flag, and yet, Sakura still ended up with Sasuke instead of Naruto who wouldve done anything to protect her and never kill her. Unlike Sakura who made her feelings for Sasuke very clear since the beginning of the series, Hinata only had eyes for Naruto.

How has Hinata changed in Boruto?

Hinata started off a fascinating, insecure character trying to grow into her own power. However, slowly as the show went on, all of her arcs completely revolved or relied on Naruto. While that was frustrating, at least she was growing as a person. By Boruto, though, Hinata has become completely stilted.

Does Hinata love Naruto?

Out of love and desperation, Hinata stands herself between the two ninja. While doing this, Hinata finally confesses her love to Naruto, saying shed gladly give up her life to save him. Pain knocks her down with ease, but it inspires Naruto to defeat him.

Is Sujata in love with Hinata?

Its actually understandble since in series Naruto always babbling about that he like sujata . But there are some point which will make you feel he is cooneted to hinata more than sakura its just that he have not relaize that which he does in Naruto movie the last .

Does Hinata have a crush on Sakura?

In Naruto (pre-shippudden), Hinata has a crush on Naruto who has a crush on Sakura. It’s pretty cute, and more worship than a mere crush, but it’s totally one-sided.

What do you think about Narutos relationship with Sakura?

Sakura was just a spoiled little garbage. And during the great war, hinata was constantly checking on naruto and helped him whatever the way possible. And then the movie, in that movie nauto see all the love she had kept hidden inside for him. That movie was amazing. So over all. There is no one who could have loved him more.

What happened to Hinata in Boruto?

In Boruto Hinata is married Naruto, who is the 7th hokage at the time. She is a retired ninja during Boruto and takes care of Boruto and Himawari since Naruto is usually out. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Tsunade retires as the 5th Hokage, and appointed Kakashi as her successor.

Is Hinata married to Naruto?

In Boruto Hinata is married Naruto, who is the 7th hokage at the time. She is a retired ninja during Boruto and takes care of Boruto and Himawari since Naruto is usually out.

What does Naruto think of Hinata Hyuuga?

Given Hinata’s character towards the beginning of the series, it’s not hard to see why Naruto thought of her that way. But the manner in which she came out of her shell and showed everyone who Hinata Hyuuga truly was, was really inspiring, and was something that Naruto greatly admired.

How did Hinata help Naruto defeat Toneri?

Hinata watches on as Naruto is pushed to the brink of defeat. However, right at the moment of desperation, Naruto clinches the last piece of the scarf Hinata made and channels his chakra into it. Their connection seems to give Naruto an immense power up that helps defeat Toneri.

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