Altec lansing hook up

altec lansing hook up

How to connect Altec Lansing speakers to a computer?

How to connect Altec Lansing computer speakers? The best way to connect Altec Lansing speakers is by using the 3.5mm audio jack located at the back of each speaker. Plugging them into the correct port will allow you to play music through both sets of speakers simultaneously.

What is Altec Lansing’s house party mode?

What is House Party Mode? House Party Mode is the newest feature on select Altec Lansing speakers. It is the pairing setting that enables you to connect up to 50 speakers at once. This can be used to create a multi-room surround sound experience.

Do I need to charge my Altec speaker?

To ensure you get the maximum battery life out of your Altec product, we recommend that you fully charge your speaker before using. Fully charge your speaker before removing from the charging cable. We also recommend that you use only the provided power supply unit that came with your product. Is my speaker waterproof?

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