Tl dating

tl dating

Can TL dating be done from cookbooks?

The truth is that TL dating of art objects has an element of art itself and one cannot do it from a cookbook. This is a major reason that there are so few TL dating laboratories (and the quality of work at commercial laboratories unfortunately does vary--one has to assess the background and experience of the people doing the work).

Can porcelain be TL dated?

Porcelains, being nearly vitrified, are a special case requiring a fairly large solid core sample, and TL dating of intact objects is not recommended because of the damage caused by sampling. Most porcelain dating is done for insurance purposes on broken objects.

What are the best books on TL dating?

The popular literature on TL dating is slim. The technical literature is extremely broad, but very specialized. We recommend the Aitken book (now in its second edition) for a technical introduction and comprehensive bibliography. There is a link below to a mildly technical paper for those wishing more detail than is provided elsewhere on this site.

What is TL at daybreak?

The TL laboratory at Daybreak was established in 1977 to make TL available to the art community in general. WHAT IS THE ACCURACY OF TL DATING?

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