Free dating sites for sex offenders

free dating sites for sex offenders

Are online dating sites protecting you from sexual predators?

What the journalists found was shocking: Match Group, which owns and a slew of free online dating services such as Plenty of Fish, OKCupid and Tinder, admitted they only protect subscribers from convicted and accused sexual predators on, which charges members to join.

Are dating sites safe for prisoners?

However, they can provide a safe space for people who have paid or are paying their debt to society, and allow prisoners to start over and meet people who won’t judge them for their past. It’s free to create a profile or write a letter on the following dating sites and see what’s out there waiting for you.

How many dating sites does match own?

The company currently owns 45 online dating brands, including Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and, obviously, Match. For nearly a decade, Match — a paid dating website — has dedicated itself to protecting its users from sexual predators by regularly screening their customers against sex offender registries.

Does match group have a sex offender screening policy?

“The analysis suggests that Match’s screening policy has helped to prevent the problem: Almost all of these cases implicated Match Group’s free apps; the only service that scours sex offender registries, Match, had none,” the article stated. CJI and ProPublica continue to investigate and look for more alleged victims.

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