Dating to kill

dating to kill

Can a murder convict kill his or her spouse?

If a spouse has a track record of murder cases, Ezeh said such a person is capable of killing his or her partner. “If such persons are married, they may kill their spouses. This because it is not the first time they are doing the act. I would advise anyone who is married to a murder convict to flee from the marriage.

How do you know if your partner is dangerous?

“Such a person is dangerous. Brain injury could be caused by car accidents and football, domestic accident and so on.” A spouse can know if his or her partner is a short-tempered based on how the partner reacts to issues.

What are the traits of a potential killer?

Some psychologists, who spoke with our correspondent, explained common traits that potential killers display. A Professor of Psychology at the University of Lagos, Fagbohungbe Oni, said one of the most common attitudes a potential killer displays is destructive tendency.

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