Jonathan groff dating lea michele

jonathan groff dating lea michele

Are Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff friends?

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff are best friend goals. On Thursday, Michele, 35, shared a cute selfie that featured her smiling with her Spring Awakening costar, 36. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

Who is Michele Groff dating?

Groff is openly gay, and according to People, Michele is currently dating Robert Buckley. Groff and Micheles undeniable chemistry stems from the great rapport between them, that is easily evidenced in any shared social media pictures of the two. Actually, scratch that.

What happened to Lea Lea Micheles boyfriend?

When Micheles boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Montieth passed away in 2013 (via Us Weekly ), Groff reportedly stopped production on a film he was working on to support her (via Hollywood Life ). A year later, Michele opened up about Montieths death during her interview with Groff for Teen Vogue.

How old were Michelle Michele and Jonathan Groff in Hamilton?

In the 2006 coming-of-age musical, Michele, then 19, and Groff, then 21, played angsty and ill-fated teenagers who were learning about their bodies and sexualities both onstage and in real life. “He was like, ‘I’ve never seen a woman’s vagina before.

How did Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff meet?

Best friends Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff met while playing lovers on Broadway in Spring Awakening, and the new HBO documentary Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known reveals that they didn’t just expose themselves on stage. All Thats Known! ‘Spring Awakening’ Original Cast: Where Are They Now?

Are Lea and Jonathan Groff BFFs in real life?

We know that Jonathan Groff and Lea have been BFF in real life ever since Broadway. They always post pictures with each other and their decade-long friendship only gets better with age. We dont know what exactly is true in this recent Lea story and whats been made up, but we are completely shocked.

Is Lea Michele going to be David Groffs surrogate?

In an interview with PEOPLE ahead of the premiere, Michele revealed that she would be willing to be Groffs surrogate if the actor ever decides he wants to be a father.

Which Glee stars are Lea Micheles best friends?

Most “Glee” actors still have a great relationship with Lea. Like Darren Criss, who Lea is not just friends with, they even went on tour together. She has plenty of cute pictures with the actor on her IG page! Lea met Cory on the set, but she knew some of the other actors even before the show.

Will Lea Michele be Jonathan Groffs surrogate?

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. Lea Michele told her friend Jonathan Groff during an interview that shed be his surrogate should he ever want kids. Ill carry your baby.

How did Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff get along before Glee?

The former on-stage couple apparently got very intimate for their work on Broadways Spring Awakening in 2006, long before they connected on Glee. Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff got to know each other very as young performers starring on Broadway back in 2006.

What happened to Michele Michele and Groff from Spring Awakening?

Groff and Michele left Spring Awakening together in May 2008. A month later, Groff finally felt comfortable enough to come out. He emotionally recounts this time in his life in Those Youve Known, reflecting on how playing Melchior gave him enough strength to come out and finally use his own voice.

What did Michele Groff say to David Letterman about her vagina?

“At one point, I literally showed him my whole vagina,” she explains, prompting Groff, 37, to add, “I can confirm that.” Michele goes on, “He was like, ‘I’ve never seen a woman’s vagina before.

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