Nct lucas dating

nct lucas dating

Did NCT Lucas cheat on their girlfriend?

As details of the scandal has been covered quite extensively in many sites and platforms, here’s a brief summary of all that has happened. On August 23rd 2021, Twitter user @ooooshiiim created and tweeted a thread alleging that NCT Lucas gaslighted and cheated on her while they were dating.

Who is NCTs Lucas?

Lucas Wong was born in Hong Kong in 1999 and is of mixed Chinese and Thai descent. He was selected by S.M. as a trainee because of his outstanding appearance and made his official debut with the group NCT in 2018 under the stage name Lucas. He made his official debut in China in 2019 with the group WayV.

Does BTS Lucas have a girlfriend?

When one fan asked for some guidance in the love department, it took a hilarious turn. Lucas claimed that he had a girlfriend, prompting the rest of the members to react in the funniest ways.

Is Lucas Wong Yuk hei dating NCT member NCT & WayV?

On August 23, a Korean female fan revealed that she and NCT & WayV member Lucas Wong Yuk Hei were in a relationship from 2019 to July 2021.

Did NCT’s Lucas Wong cheat on his ex-girlfriends?

Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) from Korean boy group NCT is left scrambling after an ex-girlfriend under a pseudonym “A” claimed that the star was leeching off her money. While the accusation made a dent on Lucas’ image, the situation worsened when two more of his ex-girlfriends accused the star of cheating and provided evidence of his scumbag behavior.

Did Lucas cheat on his ex-girlfriend?

Previously, Lucas has been accused of gaslighting and cheating by 2 Chinese netizens. After Lucas’ alleged ex-girlfriend claimed the idol member gas lit her and leeched money off of her, 2 more netizens have come forward to accuse him of similar behavior.

What happened to Lucas from NCT and WayV?

Lucas of the group NCT and WayV has stormed the industry with his charisma, and become one of the biggest K-pop idols. However, he was soon embroiled in myriad scandals where his ex-girlfriends accused him of cheating, leeching money, and gaslighting them.

What is the NCT Lucas gaslighting scandal?

NCT Lucas was first accused of the gaslighting scandal by a Korean citizen on August 23rd. According to Soompi, the user blamed Lucas for gaslighting her with comments like: “I don’t like that you’re too much like a fan.”

What happened to Lucas Wong Yuk hei from NCT?

On the 25th, NCT & WayV member Lucas Wong Yuk Hei released a handwritten letter apologizing that he is truly sorry to the fans who have been supporting and caring about him, sorry to disappoint them, and he announced to interrupt all activities. After the news of his apology came to light, many netizens heated discussed.

Is Lucas Wong Yuk hei dating someone?

On August 23, a Korean female fan posted an article revealing that she and Lucas Wong Yuk Hei were in a relationship and they were dating from 2019 to July 2021. During the three years of the relationship, they broke up and got back together several times.

Are NCT and WayV members Lucas and D in a relationship?

As of August 28, two additional netizens have come forward stating that they were involved in relationships with the NCT and WayV member Lucas . The fifth netizen, D , spoke up on August 28 after discovering a post made by netizen F (the fourth netizen). On the other hand, F claimed that they met Lucas as his surfing coach in China.

Who is Lucas in NCT?

Lucas (루카스) is a Chinese-Thai singer and rapper under SM Entertainment. He is a member of the boy group NCT, its sub-units NCT U and WayV, and a member of the supergroup SuperM. In 2015, he was cast into SM Entertainment through SM’s Global Audition in Hong Kong.

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