I need to hook up my soundbar

i need to hook up my soundbar

How do I connect my soundbar to my TV without audio?

HDMI setup to connect the soundbar to tv The HDMI connections promise you the best vibrant quality from Blu-ray soundtracks and other multi-channel positions. However, if you want to connect the soundbar to a tv without any use of digital audio out, then choose the HDMI setup.

How to use a SoundBar with a computer?

This is really helpful in a situation like this, in which you’ll likely still want to use the screen that your computer is hooked up to for watching things. Once you have the soundbar placed, simply connect it to the computer via HDMI, and then open up your computer’s audio settings.

How do I connect my headphones to a soundbar?

Insert the 3.5mm jack into the port that displays a small icon of headphones. Its usually on the side of a laptops keyboard, or on the front of a desktop unit. Plug the other end of the AUX cable into the soundbar. The location is varies by device, but the port will usually be labeled AUX..

Can I plug a soundbar into a different HDMI port?

An ARC connection on a soundbar must be connected to the TV’s ARC connection. The same applies with eARC, and they will be labelled as such on the TV and soundbar. If you plug the soundbar into a different HDMI port, you won’t get the benefits of either ARC or eARC. For some TVs this doesn’t matter.

How to connect a soundbar to a TV?

So, you can easily connect the soundbar with the digital audio cable, plug in the cable’s one side into the TV and another one into the soundbar. The connection with digital optical cable can provide you with some extra time of installation process.

Can a soundbar connect to a TV with RCA?

Most TV’s that have either 3.5 mm or wireless capability have HDMI or optical ports. However, older TV’s will only have RCA and coaxial inputs. In the case of RCA cables, soundbars can usually handle a two-channel RCA configuration. Make sure, however, that the RCA ports on your TV are output ports and not input ports.

How to get sound out of a soundbar?

Most Soundbars have optical in so if you have just coax digital sound out out then get a coax to optical converter, the are plentiful and cheap, however the TV remote will not control the soundbar volume as it would using ARC to ARC

How can I connect my HT to my TV without HDMI?

In that case while you May connect your TV with your HT with non-arc hdmi port, you can connect latter with TV with an optical cable for sound. In case if your TV neither has hdmi arc nor optical. You can connect your TV with normal hdmi cable for picture directly from source anc connect your HT with source through

How can I connect headphones to my TV/soundbar setup? 1 If you dont need to get audio from the TV tuner to the soundbar there is no reason you need to connect it to the... 2 Use the TV to do your HDMI switching. Use an HDMI-ARC audio extractor to provide audio outputs for the soundbar and... More ...

Can you pair headphones with a soundbar?

How do I connect my soundbar to my TV via HDMI?

If both your TV and soundbar have HDMI ARC ports, then connect one end of the HDMI cable to the TV’s HDMI ARC port, then the other end into the soundbar’s HDMI ARC port. IF both devices don’t have HDMI ARC ports, then you’ll have to use a different type of cable to connect the two.

Does my soundbar have HDMI arc?

If you’re not sure if your soundbar has HDMI ARC, it’s easy enough to check, and most newer units do. Your TV has to have an HDMI ARC port, and there is a little setup you’ll need to do to get it right, but first off let’s discuss a little more about how HDMI ARC works.

How do I connect my HTPC to my soundbar?

This will let you plug your HTPC to the TV and then use the hdmi (arc) from the tv to connect to the soundbar. Tell me the model of your TV and soundbar and I will check for you ! There will be an audio out somewhere from your tv. Its usually a pair of red and white phono sockets and will say Audio out, use this to connect to soundbar.

How many HDMI inputs does a soundbar have?

Unfortunately, most soundbars have just one or two HDMI inputs, which means they can’t accept more than two HDMI devices at once.

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