Mobile legends matchmaking problem

mobile legends matchmaking problem

Does the matchmaking system actually make you lose or win?

regardless of the Match Making system, it goes down to the END USER who plays determines how the match will go, either win or lose... i am so in holiday mode and my net sucks here in the mountain province and most threads going on in here are just rants...

What is matchmaking system in gaming?

Matchmaking system, this system most often than not are overlooked by players thinking that each games they play depends heavily on it but the truth of the matter is, it is only a tool in which it helps us finds other players to play and match up with.

What happens when bad players match up with good players?

if bad players match up together and they always keep losing, they will leave the game and not spend any money. if bad players match up with good players, they are happy since they get to win sometimes and will spend money on events. It happened to me today. Its happening everyday.

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What happens if your best player has a bad attitude?

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