Widowed dating sites uk

widowed dating sites uk

Are there any online dating sites for widowers in the UK?

Online Dating for Widows and Widowers in the UK. Widowsorwidowers.com is the longest running widow and widower dating site in the UK.

What is widow dating?

Welcome to Widow Dating Over 10 years ago, Widow Dating was launched with the aim of helping connect widows and widowers with someone special in a comfortable environment. Over this time we have helped many Widows and Widowers find someone special.

Is there a widowed singles community?

With multiple on site features such as Encounters, Diary Entries and 24/7 human moderation we feel we have the perfect community for Widowed Singles.

How many widows are there on dates for widows?

Across the site, thousands of widows, of all ages, are registered and waiting to meet a match. Whether you are looking for company or hoping to begin a new chapter, there are likeminded, young widows online, with a similar story. 1000’s Online Right Now! 1000’s of singles join Dates For Widows every day.

How many widows are there in the world?

There are an estimated 258 million widows around the world, and nearly one in ten live in extreme poverty. In some parts of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, for instance, it is reported that around 50 per cent of women are widows.

What is the average age of widowhood?

The average age of widowhood is 55, and 75 percent of women will be widowed by age 56? Did you know… most widow (er)s lose 75% of their support base when their spouse dies? Did you know… after 3 – 4 months most of the remaining support fades for a widow (er)? Did you know… most widow (er)s lose touch with their in-laws within a year of a loss?

Are widows at a higher risk of death?

Widow (er)s have a 30% elevated risk of death in the first 6 months after their spouses died. Did you know… almost half the women over 65 years of age in the US are widows and about 7:10 of these women live alone? Those are the statistics, but let’s talk about the real world… Oh wait, that is the real world.

What is it like to date a widow?

Dating a widow may come with a different set of challenges than dating an unmarried or a divorced lady. If you happened to meet a widowed woman, having doubts about your future prospects together is normal. Will you be fighting a ghost at every turn?

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