Metal dating ireland

metal dating ireland

Is metal detecting legal in Ireland?

Is metal detecting legal in Ireland? You can use your metal detector to search for any type of historic artifacts only if you’ve got a permission and approval from the concerned government agencies and the landowners when exploring a private land! On the other hand, detection activities in Irish beaches are allowed …

Are metal detectors a threat to Irelands Archaeological Heritage?

Unregulated and inappropriate use of metal detectors causes serious damage to Ireland’s archaeological heritage. Unsupervised recovery of archaeological objects by untrained and unlicensed users of metal detectors can greatly diminish, or can entirely eliminate any knowledge or research value that might be gained from a particular discovery.

What is the best metal detector for Ireland?

The best metal detector for this type of ground (which also works best in brown soil) is the Garrett AT Pro ( Check it Right Here on Amazon!)… … AT stands for all terrain and since there is a fair amount of rainfall in Ireland, this detector has proven to be solid equipment to have along with you!

Did metaldating set the stage for metalheads?

MetalDating Sets the Stage for Metalheads... This is the headline of an article published today by the online media about why and when MetalDating was started. It also tells some of the many success stories our users have had during the years. Thank you so much for making this review.

Is it illegal to operate a metal detector in Ireland?

It is always and remains the case illegal to operate a metal detector in Ireland with the permission of the the appropriate Minister for State. Archaeological objects can turn up anywhere and the law is not confined to simply sites near recognized monuments

Can I metal detect archaeological objects in Ireland?

It is against the law to engage in general searches for archaeological objects in Ireland using a metal detecting device unless you have received written consent from the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. To do so without such consent places you at risk of prosecution.

Do you need a licence for metal detecting?

Usually such a licence is granted only to bona fide archaeologists, historians or experienced amateurs engaged in legitimate archaeological research or rescue excavations. You should also be aware that there are laws covering other possible aspects of metal detecting, such as:

Do I need permission to use a metal detector for archaeology?

Only the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is authorised to grant consent to use a metal detector for archaeological purposes within the State and to license archaeological excavations. There is no other form of legal authorisation or approval to detect for archaeological objects.

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