Married not dating sub indonesia

married not dating sub indonesia

Is it legal to get married in Indonesia?

In a country where their people take marriage seriously due to their traditional and religious background, a marriage in Indonesia is only considered legal when it has gone through civil and religious procedure. What we have been discussing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Do same-sex couples have it easy in Indonesia?

Counter intuitively, same-sex couples may have it easy in Indonesia. Friends (male or female) often hold each other in a way that would look romantic in the western world. Also you can book a room for 2 men/women with no question asked. Show activity on this post.

What to do if you look like an Indonesian?

If one of you looks like an Indonesian expect problems when booking a room. My advice: pretend you are married. If it gets complicated give them any text in the Cyrillic alphabet and say it is a marriage certificate (same-sex couple, see below) This is also true in the mostly Christian province of North Sumatra (booking a room should be easier.)

Is it legal to get married in Bali?

Please note that the procedure of legal marriage in Bali can a bit vary depending on your nationality and whether your country has a consulate or embassy in Bali or Indonesia. That’s why we recommend you to contact us first and check all details before you go any-further. - to be the same main religion with your partner.

How to get married in Indonesia if your fiance is Muslim?

Each religion has different requirements, so the Indonesian fiance needs to e in contact with their religious body to find out what those requirements are. A few that we know: If your fiance (e) is Moslem, the ceremony should be held at the Kantor Urusan Agama (KUA) or the Office of Religious Affairs.

What documents do I need to get married in Indonesia?

You’ll need to also have a statement letter issued by the Indonesian Embassy at the country you registered your marriage, photocopies of both Birth Certificates, Foreign Spouse’s Passport, National ID (KTP) and Family Registry Card (Kartu Keluarga) and three formal couple’s photos (you and fiancé in one frame) with a red background (4×6 cm).

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