How does iron banner matchmaking work

how does iron banner matchmaking work

Does Iron Banner matchmaking work in Destiny 2 season of the chosen?

Iron Banner returns for one final time in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen as Bungie community manager clarifies any concerns regarding its matchmaking. Its the last month of Season of the Chosen inside Destiny 2 and players are eager to finish their last set of achievements before the seasonal refresh.

Did Bungie make any adjustments to matchmaking for Iron Banner matches?

While some players have been voicing their negative experiences from recent Iron Banner matches, commenting on the lopsided matmaking, dmg04 has stated that no unannounced adjustments were made to matchmaking on Bungies side.

Did Iron Banners return to the Crucible affect matchmaking?

This week, Iron Banner returned to the Crucible, giving players one last chance to earn this seasons rewards, or simply level up via high item level loot drops. Even though Iron Banner hasnt ever been everyones cup of tea, some players have reported skewed matchmaking during this weeks event.

Where can I find the Iron Banner activity?

While active, the Iron Banner activity can be found in the Crucible node of the Director. PLEASE NOTE! In the pursuit of an even playing field for all players, we have updated Iron Banner bounties so that they will expire following the launch of each new season in Destiny 2.

Should you buy the new iron forerunner set in Iron Banner?

This time around, Iron Banner features the brand-new Iron Forerunner set: Granted, the actual aesthetics of the Forerunner set are up for debate. Some like it, but many find it hideous. This is definitely not Bungie’s best work, especially compared to some of their excellent Destiny 1 Iron Banner sets.

Do they need to rework the scoring system for Iron Banner?

It’s not that the other team was better, it’s the fact that if you’re not playing the objective in iron banner it’s very easy to lose by a landslide. They need to rework the scoring system because it’s the reason why lopsided games happen Loading, please wait. This may take some time... Play nice.

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