Mohu antenna hookup

mohu antenna hookup

How do I install the Mohu Arc TV antenna?

Installing and positioning the antenna is simple enough. A connecting coaxial cable is permanently attached to the back of the antenna. It can either go straight from the Mohu Arc into the back of your TV or into a supplied amplifier, which then connects to a USB adapter for power and to the back of your set.

What is the difference between the Mohu antenna and the powered antennas?

If you insist or have no alternative, there are two holes in the back of the antenna stand to hang it like a picture frame.The other major difference compared to Mohus earlier, similarly shaped model is that this powered model has a set of 4 green LEDs on the face of the antenna that act as signal strength indicators.

Is Mohu arc pro better than Antop HD smart antenna?

Furthermore, several important stations were missing, including CBS, Fox, and the local PBS channels. The Mohu Arc Pro also narrowly outperformed the Antop HD Smart Antenna SBS-301, another amplified indoor antenna rated for a larger 70-mile-radius range.

How do I know if an antenna will work for me?

Mohu is here to help! The most accurate way to find our if an antenna will work for you is to allow us to perform a free signal analysis at your location. Just shoot us an email with your address to or give us a call at 877-825-5572.

What is a Mohu arc antenna?

The Mohu Arc gives a fresh look to indoor antennas while delivering the same great performance as our famous Leaf antennas. Easy to connect to your TV and set up, the Arc allows you to quickly enjoy clear broadcast TV for free. Award-winning patented design and performance.

Can you hang a Mohu antenna on the wall?

While definitely attractive, the Mohu is not ideal for a wall or window placement. Its more comfortable sitting upright on a table top or entertainment system credenza. If you insist or have no alternative, there are two holes in the back of the antenna stand to hang it like a picture frame.

Does the Mohu arc pro look good on the stand?

And it looks great. The Mohu Arc Pro model essentially replaces the Mohu Curve 50 (a long-time favorite of ours) which is being discontinued. As the name suggests, the Mohu Arc Pro sweeps back in a vertically oriented curve, perched solidly on a supplied plastic stand.

How many stations does the Mohu arc have?

For comparison purposes, we also retested the now discontinued amplified Mohu Curve 50. It turned in a list of 39 stations in an initial scan, but when we auditioned all the channels, it turned out only 22 were watchable-far fewer than the Mohu Arc.

How do I get my TV to recognize my antenna?

Selecting the antenna input on your TV Next, go to the menu option on your TV that says something like “scan for channels”. Here is what it looks like on my TV:

Can I use an antenna to get TV?

If you got only red channels or none, there are no broadcast TV signals in your area, and you won’t be able to use an antenna to get TV. But, you can use low-cost streaming TV services that are cheaper than cable. You Will Need Three Things:

Will a TV antenna get me more channels?

Note, this is not intended as a permanent TV antenna solution, because someone will have to hold the cable while you watch TV! It’s just a test to see the minimum number of channels you can get so you can decide whether you want to try to get free broadcast TV. A real TV antenna will get you more channels. The Results

Do indoor antennas work better?

If most of the strongest signals are from within 50 miles, an indoor antenna will work better. Whereas, if most come from a distance further than 50 miles, you will get some channels with an indoor antenna.

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