Dating naia

dating naia

How old was NAIA when she was found?

Several methods were used to determine how old the remains were, including radiocarbon dating of tooth enamel and uranium-thorium dating of crystals that accumulated on the bones. Those methods indicated that Naia was somewhere between 12,000 and 13,000 years old.

Did NAIA have Native American DNA?

The genetic verdict was the clincher: Mitochondrial DNA extracted from one of Naias teeth confirmed a common genetic lineage with the ancient Beringians and modern-day Native Americans.

What does NAIA look like?

The skeleton was nicknamed Naia, echoing the Greek term for a water nymph. Naias skull had the look of the Paleoamericans: a broad forehead, narrow face, wide-set eyes and outward-jutting jaw.

What is Nanaias significance?

Naias significance stems from the fact that the teenage girls bones were so well-preserved in the cold, dark waters of a vast, 100-foot-deep (30-meter-deep) grotto on Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula, known as Hoyo Negro (Spanish for Black Hole).

How long ago did NAIA live?

University of New Mexico geochemist Yemane Asmerom, who helped determine how long ago Naia lived, compared her story to that of Lucy, the 3.2 million-year-old human ancestor whose bones were found in Ethiopia 40 years ago.

Where did NAIAs DNA come from?

Naia’s mitochondrial DNA confirms that indeed, her matrilineal line originated in Asia, a common base haplogroup found in Native Americans today – haplogroup D1.

When did NAIA fall into the cave?

Their analysis showed that the site, which is now 130 feet below sea-level, would have been become submerged between 9,700 and 10,200 years ago. Thus, Naia had to have fallen into the cave before then.

How old are NAIA’s teeth?

Unlike previous skeletons of early Americans, Naia’s included her teeth. Led by co-author Douglas Kennett, a professor of environmental archaeology at the Pennsylvania State University, researchers radiocarbon-dated her tooth enamel to 12,900 years ago. But Naia’s exposure to seawater within the limestone caves, however, had mineralized her bones.

What are the theories about the origin of Nanaya?

Two theories which are now regarded as discredited but which gained some support in past scholarship include the view that Nanaya was in origin an Aramean deity, implausible in the light of Nanaya being attested before the Arameans and their language, and an attempt to explain her name as derived from Elamite, which is unlikely due to her absenc...

What is Nanaya the goddess of?

As early as in the Ur III period, Nanaya came to be associated with the goddess Bizila. Her name might mean she who is pleasing in Sumerian. God lists could equate them with each other.

Who was Nanaya in Bactria?

The first attested reference to Nanaya in Bactria is a coin of Yuezhi ruler Sapadbizes. Later she occurs in an inscription of Kushan emperor Kanishka, who proclaimed that he received kingship from her. She also appears on Kushan coins. Her name is always spelled as Nanaia in Greek, but as Nana in Bactrian.

Is Nana Greek or Mesopotamian?

Her name is always spelled as Nanaia in Greek, but as Nana in Bactrian. The iconography associated with her is entirely Hellenic in origin, rather than Mesopotamian, though her position as a giver of kingship might be derived from Mesopotamian tradition.

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