Dating old postcards uk

dating old postcards uk

How to identify and date postcards?

In identifying and dating postcards there are specific eras, defined by both style and dates; however, these dates do not account for the transition from one era to the next. It is important to remember that these “Eras” refer to the printing on the back of the postcard.

How old is my old postcard?

People often find themselves in possession of an old postcard and want to know how old it is. If the postcard is used, the most obvious solution is to check the date on the postmark. However, there are many vintage postcards out there that were never mailed, so here are some clues to determining the age of your post card.

Can postmark postcards have a date on them?

Postmark Postcards that have been posted may have a legible postmark. However, this date may not be the same as the date the photograph was taken.

When were the first postcards issued in the UK?

Here are a few timescales: 1870 - First postcards issued in the UK. These were plain cards, front and back with a pre-printed stamp and were published by the Post Office. No other companies were permitted at this time to print postcards

What does the address side of a postcard tell you?

The address side gives the date the card was manufactured, September 1875, along with instructions that ONLY the address was to appear on this side of the card, with further instructions on how to write the address accurately. The message on my oldest postcard, which is an undivided back postcard from 1877.

Can you tell how old a postcard is?

Many people prefer to collect unused postcards which have never been posted. As a result, you cant use the postmark as a guide in estimating the cards age. Even so, all collectors are curious to know how old their postcards are, because their age has some bearing on their value.

How do you date a postcard?

You can also date postcards by whether they are white border, linen, chrome etc. or for real photo (rppc) by the info on the stamp box. Lucky you for having a pc from the 1870s!

Do vintage postcards have a date on them?

Ive purchased a few vintage postcards on eBay, and usually the seller states a date. My father has hundreds of postcards from all over the world, collected since he was a teenager. Hes a Ham Radio operator and the custom was to send a postcard after communicating with another Ham. I should make sure theyre all dated.

What is the history of the postcard?

History Of The Postcard. When the world’s first postcard appeared in Austria in 1869 and in Britain a year later.The picture postcard began to appear a few years later and during the Paris Exhibition of 1889 they received a big boost in popularity as a means of sending messages.It triggered off a craze for postcard collecting and caught ...

What is the postal history of the United Kingdom?

The postal history of the United Kingdom is notable in at least two respects: first, for the introduction of postage stamps in 1840, and secondly for the establishment of an efficient postal system throughout the British Empire, laying the foundation of many national systems still in existence today.

What happened to British postcards in the 1970s?

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, alongside scores of other popular music acts at the time, were the subject of postcards sold in thousands to adoring fans. The popularity of beauty pageants came to a head in the 1970s. These were widely documented on British postcards over the course of the decade.

What is the size of a British postcard?

The official size for British postcards between 1894–1899, measuring 115 mm × 89 mm (4.5 in × 3.5 in). Postcards with a back divided into two sections, one for the message, the other for the address. British cards were first divided in 1902 and American cards in 1907. Any card issued before the divided back was introduced (pre-1907).

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