Timer hookup

timer hookup

How do you wire an Intermatic timer?

Wiring Instructions for an Intermatic Timer 1 Turn off the circuit breaker to the appliance that the Intermatic timer operates. 2 Open the Intermatic timers cover. Lift or depress, depending on the Intermatic timer model, the latch before opening the lid. 3 Pull the plastic protective shield from the timers wiring terminals. ... More items...

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What is an Intermatic timer on a pool pump?

Many pool pump motors and water heaters use Intermatic timers to regulate their run times. An Intermatic timer-switch saves electricity when it turns a water heater off at night and when it limits the amount of time a pools filtration system runs.

How to set an Intermatic timer?

The two types of Intermatic timers are analog and digital. They are both easy to set, as long as you make sure to follow the steps and set the correct times. Open up the door on the timer’s enclosure. You don’t need any tools to open the enclosure. Use your hands to pry open the door on the grey box that encloses the timer.

How do you wire a timer to a 120 volt wire?

Insert the black wire from the 120-volt supply line under terminal 1 and tighten the terminal screw. Insert the remaining black wire under terminal 2 and tighten securely. Set the current time and the desired on and off times on the timer wheel, and close the cover.

How do you install a timer on a circuit breaker?

Insert the line from the load that is to be controlled by the timer through the knockout hole. Cut the ground wires from both lines to the appropriate length and insert them under the ground terminal screw. Tighten the ground terminal screw securely with a flat-head screwdriver. Strip 1/2-inch of insulation from the two black and two white wires.

How many times has This article been viewed on Intermatic?

This article has been viewed 20,422 times. Learn more... An Intermatic timer is a timer that you can install in your home and connect to anything with a power source, such as lights, to program them to turn on and off at certain times of day. The two types of Intermatic timers are analog and digital.

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