Aprilaire humidifier hook up

aprilaire humidifier hook up

How do I Set my Aprilaire humidifier control?

Your Aprilaire Humidifier Control is installed in the cold air return duct. During the first heating season,your Humidifier Control needs to be set initially to match your home’s condition. Please follow these steps when adjusting your control (refer to Figure A). 1. Turn the dial setting knob to “5,” which is within the normal range.

Do Aprilaire humidifiers work with furnaces?

However, Aprilaire humidifiers work with your furnace, so they can be a bit more complicated. Set your humidifier to suit your home. Depending on its current humidity, youll want it to moisturize either more or less than the default setting. To do this put the setting knob on 5 or normal.

Why are there vents in the cover of my Aprilaire humidifier?

The vents in the cover of the Aprilaire power humidifiers are to keep the fan motor from overheating. The air used in the humidification process is drawn into the humidifier from the HVAC system through the water panel and the humidified air is discharged back into the HVAC system.

How does The Aprilaire 8910 home comfort system work?

The Aprilaire model 8910 home comfort system is designed to control temperature as well as intuitively managing the indoor air comfort throughout your home. It does this by operating Aprilaire indoor air quality products (IAQ) such as a humidifier, dehumidifier, air cleaner and ventilation system all from one control.

Can I connect my Aprilaire humidifier to hot water?

When any drain-though Aprilaire Humidifier is connected to hot water, the heat in the water is used in the evaporation process and the water coming out of the drain will be cool to the touch. The model 800 Aprilaire steam humidifier requires cold water, which may be hard or soft.

What do the lights on The Aprilaire digital humidifier control mean?

The Aprilaire digital humidifier control includes three indicator lights. A flashing yellow light (the change water panel indicator) means it is time to change the water panel in your Aprilaire humidifier.

How do I adjust the temperature scale on my Aprilaire dehumidifier?

The temperature scale is adjustable in the set up menu and is system setting option 01. The factory default is Fahrenheit (setting range set to 0. Celsius setting range is 1). To access the set up menu perform the following: Can an Aprilaire dehumidifier operate with my thermostat?

What should my Aprilaire be set at in the summer?

Also Know, what should my aprilaire be set at in the summer? Aprilaire humidifiers are designed to maintain a relative humidity level of 35% anytime the outside temperature is 20F or above at an indoor temperature of 70F. How do I know if my Aprilaire humidifier is working? There are several ways to determine if a humidifier is working properly.

This is of importance because industry data shows that mold does not grow in humidity levels below 60%. The bottom line is no Aprilaire humidifier will contribute to the growth of mold, when installed, operated, and maintained as recommended What causes condensation on my windows and how can I eliminate it?

What does The Aprilaire 8910w WiFi thermostat do?

Control Air Purity: The Model 8910W WiFi Thermostat controls your Aprilaire air purifier, allowing you to manage air purity when you need it with Event‐Based™ Air Cleaning, and provides easy‐to‐read confirmation that your air is being cleaned based on your preferences.

Which Aprilaire thermostat is right for You?

The Aprilaire Model 8910W WiFi Thermostat with ​IAQ Control is for homeowners who want total comfort and control over all aspects of indoor air quality. This thermostat fully integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you complete control over your smart home without lifting a finger.

What is included in the owner’s Manual for model 8910?

Model 8910 Owner’s Manual Includes Operating Instructions and Warranty Information READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS 2 3 WARNING Do not use sharp instruments to press touch screen. Only use your fingertips. Home Comfort Control features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 .

Why buy the model 8910w?

It provides real‐language instructions and information—no codes to remember, no manual to reference. The Model 8910W also tells you exactly what your equipment is doing.

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