Vida select matchmaking

vida select matchmaking

How many matchmakers does Vida select have?

For over a decade, their team of over 100 matchmakers and dating experts has helped thousands of clients across the globe find their perfect match. If you’re ready to stop leaving your love life to chance and finally take control of your own fate, VIDA Select is ready to find your “happily ever after.”

How does the Vida matchmaking process work?

Upon signing up, each Vida client is assigned a long-term personal matchmaker. Beginning with a 90-minute phone call, the matchmaker (usually female and working for up to 20 individuals at a time) interviews the client to find out about their career, likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and romantic preferences.

What is Vida select?

Lets face it, its really hard to find a highly compatible match nowadays with the right mix of brains, beauty, and personality. Thats why VIDA Select has recruited a team of world class dating experts and united them around one crucial mission: Finding you your perfect match!

How Vida can change your dating life?

Even if you just do it for a few months, it will transform the way you think about dating and help you realize there should be no scarcity in your dating life. It’s actually quite simple to have a regular flow of dates, and VIDA makes it a cake-walk by getting things started for you.

Who are Vida selects dating experts?

Recognized by the media as one of the worlds foremost modern dating experts, helping people meet the partner of their dreams is Scotts greatest passion. Hes even one of VIDA Selects countless success stories, having met his wife through the service in 2016! A romantic at heart, Ally loves helping VIDA Selects clients find their soulmates.

Who is the matchmaker for Vida?

Carolyn has over ten years of experience as a sales consultant and professional matchmaker, and loves helping her clients achieve success in their personal lives. She’s passionate about making a positive impact and finds it rewarding to assist VIDA clients with this potentially life-changing process!

What is Vida select?

With VIDA Select, you can show up to your dates knowing that the man youre about to meet actually checks all your boxes. Heres how your seasoned matchmaker will find the perfect catch for you:

How much does Vida cost?

How It Works ViDA offers an array of membership packages for you to select from, depending on the level of service that best fits your needs. The most popular standard package is $895 for each month that you decide to use the service, and our VIP packages start at $1595 per month.

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