Stock radio amp hook up

stock radio amp hook up

How do you hook up a car radio to an amp?

You’ll need to separate the speaker wires, cut them, and attach wiring to run to the amp. Remove the radio and disconnect the factory wiring plugs or aftermarket radio’s wiring harness. Cut the speaker wires, leaving enough length to move the wire and to have enough length to connect to the wire freely.

How do I connect my radio to my 4 channel amplifier?

There are 3 basic ways to get a signal to your 4 channel amplifier: Connect speaker outputs to your amp’s speaker level inputs Connect a line-level adapter to the radio then use RCA cables to the amp Connect your radio to the amp using RCA cables directly

How much wire do I need to hook up a radio?

Let’s use roughly a 15′ length of distance from the radio to the amp. That’s a good estimate in my experience. Total estimated wire required: 120 feet. That means you need 2 100 ft rolls of wire. Or at the least, 1 100 ft roll and 1 50 ft roll.

How to wire a stereo amp to a speaker?

Cut the speaker wires, leaving enough length to move the wire and to have enough length to connect to the wire freely. Strip a small part on both the stereo’s speaker wire and your amp speaker wiring.

How do you hook up a car radio to power?

1 Ground: Connect the radio’s ground wire (black wire) to the (-) power supply output 2 Main power: Connect the radio’s +12V battery wire (usually the yellow wire) to the (+) power supply output 3 Turning the radio on: You can do this by hardwiring the radio’s accessory wire (usually red) to the +12V battery wire or you can use a switch in between.

How do you hook up a car AMP to a battery?

Connect the amps negative terminal to the cars chassis ground. Use a short negative power wire that is the same diameter as the positive wire that leads to the battery. Insert the main power wire fuse once all the connections for the other wires are in place.

Can you plug a car AMP into a car stereo?

Car stereos aren’t designed to be bridged like a car amp. Using an ATX (desktop computer) power supply for a car stereo isn’t hard – in fact, you only need a few steps: Power connections: Cut a +12V wire (yellow) and a ground (black) wire from the main connector. Strip the insulation to leave about 3/8″ to 1/2″ bare wire.

How do you hook up speakers to a car stereo?

Snake them through the car in the same way you did the power wire, but do it on the opposite side of the vehicle. This will prevent noise in the system. Connect the speaker wires from the amplifier to the speakers. Situate these wires away from the power wires.

How do I connect my speakers to my amp?

Each terminal will be labeled as follows: Connect the amp to the first speaker. From the wires coming out of the speaker, connect the positive speaker lead to terminal A (the positive for channel 1) and connect the negative speaker lead to terminal D (the negative for channel 2).

What size AMP do I need for my car stereo?

I like to use 50W or higher per channel as a good rule of thumb when buying an amplifier. Home stereo and car speakers normally often use a red or plus sign “+” to indicate the polarity for the speaker wiring terminals which you connect your wiring to.

How do you connect speaker wire to subwoofer post?

Steps for connecting speaker wire to binding post terminals on subwoofers: Strip the speaker wire to about 3/8″ to 1/2″ length bare wire. Twist the wire tightly by hand to keep the wire strands together. Push one of the terminals to open the hole. Insert the bare wire up to the insulation.

Can I use a stereo amp to power a center speaker?

A No, but there are conditions. Depending on the capabilities of your amplifier, youll have several options to work with. The first, and easiest, is to use only a single channel of the stereo amp to power your center speaker.

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