How do you hook up a bidet

how do you hook up a bidet

How to use a bidet?

How to Use a Bidet. The bidet uses a stream of water to perform a similar function to toilet paper. Essentially, there are two types of bidets. The standalone one - its a washbasin that you use to clean your genitals and anal area after using the toilet, which you have to clean after and the add-ons.

Where is the wash button on a bidet?

Look for the “Wash” button on the bidet’s remote control, which is usually mounted on the wall next to the toilet. You may also find the button on the toilet itself. A nozzle will appear beneath you and rinse your nether regions with a stream of water. When youre done, simply press the “Stop” button.

What is a warm water bidet?

A warm water bidet can be built-in, free-standing, or a sprayer attachment. A warm water bidet is simply hooked up to the hot water pipe system or has a built-in water warmer which provides a warmer spritz to your bottom when you use it.

How much does a bidet toilet seat cost?

The bidet toilet seat fits onto an existing toilet. Bidets are commonly used all over the world except in North America. They are becoming more popular here with the advent of the bidet seat. Believe it or not, you can buy one of the top three best sellers on Amazon for just $90. It doesnt have heated water or a built-in dryer though.

How to use a toilet seat bidet?

If you’re using a non-electric toilet seat bidet, just turn the knob clockwise to release the water. The more you turn it, the higher the water pressure will be. Toilet seat bidets may also have controls that let you change the temperature of the water.

What is a bidet used for?

Remember the bidet is used only to clean after you have already done your business, as grandma used to say. In addition, the bidet can be used to freshen up at any time. 2. Sit or straddle the bidet; whatever is most comfortable.

What are the best tips for bidet use?

Some tips for bidet use include: Some models allow you to sit as well as hover or squat. Few bidets have actual seats on them, but you can sit on the rim of the bidet instead of squatting over it. Some bidet models do not offer water jets, instead there are taps that fill up a basin similar to a sink.

What is the difference between a handheld and built-in bidet?

With a handheld bidet, you control the positioning of the stream of water. A built-in bidet is a toilet equipped with a bidet feature. After flushing a toilet with a built-in bidet, the toilet may automatically dispense a vertical stream of water to cleanse you.

How much does a bidet toilet cost?

If you wish to purchase a bidet toilet seat, then expect it to cost you around $300. In America, the standard price for bidets will be much higher since there arent many bidet manufacturers over there.

Do bidets save you money on your electric bill?

Although bidets can add a minor amount to your electrical bill (about  $20  annually for models with eclectic components), that is offset by toilet paper savings. The average American household uses approximately 400 rolls of toilet paper per year. At an average cost of  $0.87  per roll, that’s  $348  literally going down the drain.

Do you need an electrician to install a bidet?

With a bidet toilet seat, you dont require the needs of a plumber, but that of an electrician. Youll require an electrician to install an electrical outlet nearby the toilet. This can run anywhere from $25-$100, often it isn’t a very complicated job for the electrician.

What are the different types of bidets?

Types of Bidet There are several options that fall within the bidet umbrella, including spray attachments, toilet seats, standalone bidets and complete toiletbidets. That is why there is such a wide spectrum for the prices—which can range from  $40 on the low end to  $2,500 on the high end.

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