Dating elgin wrist watches

dating elgin wrist watches

How do I identify an Elgin Watch?

First, establish that the watch is, in fact an Elgin. Second, attempt to identify the model by matching the case to known examples (or to identification resources). If that fails, identify and date the movement to narrow your search and try again to identify the case. We look at each of these issues, below. Is it really an Elgin?

When was the first Elgin Watch made?

The first Elgin watch (a pocket watch) dates to 1867. The last Elgin movement made in America was produced in 1968.

How much are Elgin pocket watches worth?

Each antique Elgin Pocket Watch model has unique features that appreciate its value. For instance, the 18K gold-plated watches cost a premium at a $500 starting bid, slightly more than the 14K model. Standard antique Elgin pocket watch models retail at affordable prices less than $100.

What is the difference between Elgin and Hamilton Watches?

The Elgin and Hamilton were dated by serial number, while the Gruen was dated by an inscription on the back. The New Haven was dated by looking at the style of the watch.

How do I tell what year my Elgin pocket watch is?

To determine the year that your Elgin pocket watch was made you need to look only at the serial number on the inner movement. Once you have found that number write it down carefully. Now go to the serial number table from the video above and you should be able to match your number to one of the numbers in the table.

What is an Elgin Watch?

The legendary Elgin watch has become woven into the fabric of America: Robert Johnson, pre-eminent Delta bluesman, sang “She’s got Elgin movements from her head down to her toes” in his 1936 recording of “Walkin’ Blues”. NBA Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor was named after the Elgin National Watch Company.

How do you identify the model of an Elgin?

When it comes to identifying the model of a particular Elgin, the bottom line is: It’s all about the case — movements don’t determine model, case designs do. The key to the identification process is to pay attention to details.

How much does a railroad Elgin pocket watch cost?

The truth is that an ordinary Railroad Elgin pocket watch can cost between $200 and $5,000. Its cost will also depend on the year it was produced, the material used, and the significance of its model. These pocket timepieces were beautifully designed consistent with railroad industry standards at the time.

The true value of a pocket watch depends on a few factors. Age, rarity and brand will all affect the sale price. Chiefly, the brand name will represent most of the watch’s value – good pocket watch brands can sell for several thousand pounds. We’re here to help you get a better picture of pocket watch values. What are good pocket watch brands?

What is an Elgin Watch?

Elgin is the largest American manufacturer of jewelled watches in the world. Additionally, Elgin watches symbolize America’s emergence from being an agricultural nation to an industrialized one. As the American Civil war was about to end in 1864, the National Watch Company was founded.

How did Elgin National Watch Company become so successful?

The new company drove innovation by mass-producing high-quality machine-made pocket watches and within a short period, Elgin Watch Co. achieved its goal- making affordable antique watches. Elgin National Watch Co. shared the spotlight with the prestigious Waltham Watch Co in its early days.

What is the difference between Elgin and Elgin movement?

Watches with dials that state “Elgin movement” are not Elgin watches; rather they are watches that have been created by taking Elgin movements and putting them into third party cases. Elgin made a very large number of private label watches, that is, Elgins released under different brand names, typically with difference cases.

Is the Lord Elgin 626 a good watch?

The Lord Elgin 626 was designed with a hunter case movement that produced 18,000 beats per hour, and its case and strap were exquisite. Yellow gold filled watches were big back in its day, and this model contained plenty of gold throughout. It not only looked great, but was very accurate and reliable.

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