Dating borderline personality disorder reddit

dating borderline personality disorder reddit

Do you have any friends with BPD in relationships?

I have two friends with BPD in relationships I feel like for one the jury is still out she still has tantrums but theyve switched meds and shes doing much better, the other actually seems much more healthy and stable than the partner without tbh. For the first Ive been on and off friends with her mostly before she was diagnosed.

Can you cure yourself of BPD?

Can you elaborate on this? There is evidence to suggest that people can cure themselves of bpd so theoretically they could cure themselves of associated harmful relational behaviors in the process.

How do you know when a pwbpd relationship is over?

Sometimes the relationship ends here. The pwBPD leaves, finds another supply and never returns. But in most cases, they will reach out to you later to try to reconnect and keep the cycle going. DETACHMENT - At some point you (hopefully) realize you do not want to live this way any more. You realize you cannot keep fighting. You feel lifeless.

Should we get out of the bpdlovedones relationship?

While most of the folks in the BPDLovedOnes community will recommend getting out of the relationship, some of us need (ed) some supporting information before we could make that choice. We still had hope and wanted a glimpse at our possible future.

Do people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) have problems in relationships?

People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) often have rocky relationships, both romantic and platonic. Romantic relationships present a unique set of challenges for people with BPD and for their partners.

How do you be friends with someone with BPD?

Treat them with compassion and above all, appreciate all the sacrifices they make for you. Because being friends with someone with BPD is a no-holds-barred, walking-on-eggshells, emotion-fueled, long days and even longer nights kind of a relationship.

How does BPD affect a marriage?

BPD effects on relationships Research confirms that borderline personality disorder in relationships means a more stormy, conflicting, and dysfunctional relationship compared to a healthy one. As expected, the more severe the symptoms, the more dissatisfaction a borderline personality disorder marriage brings.

Do people with BPD breakup more often?

People with BPD also tend to have more former partners and tend to terminate more relationships in their social networks than people without personality disorders. This suggests that romantic relationships with people with BPD are more likely to end in a breakup.

Can people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) participate?

Because this is a support sub for survivors of BPD abuse, people with BPD are forbidden from participating here, with absolutely no exceptions. Yes, this includes people with BPD who also are a BPD loved one. Yes, this includes any previous or current diagnosis, even if you went through DBT and do not currently meet DSM criteria.

What are the effects of emotional disconnect from your partner?

Emotional disconnection can lead to profound loneliness that ironically may make one feel even more isolated than if they were single. Painting a picture of ones partner to others that is not representative of who they are is a sign that they do not measure up to ones desires.

Why is it so hard to break up with a relationship?

Often, the inertia is strong enough that you may choose to remain in the relationship because the short-term discomfort of ending it keeps you trapped. That feels more visceral — the immediate fear of the (temporary) negative consequences of breaking up — even if you know that in the long-term you would be better off.

Why do I never feel like my partner actually gets me?

Perhaps you are pretending to be someone youre not, hiding an important part of your personality, or even feigning interest in certain hobbies or activities of theirs to keep them happy, letting them call the shots about how you spend your time. Or maybe you are being yourself — and yet you never feel like your partner actually gets you.

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